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Death Rider! (da da dum) (6) - Sunday,  07/13/08  01:09 PM

Well, I did it (yay me), and it ended up being really...  This story really began on Friday, as I drove from my...  As for the ride itself, the route profile pretty much...  ...  Death Ride...  After descending down to Markleeville, you keep going...  ... and then descend all the way back to Markleeville.... 

surviving the Death Ride (4) - Sunday,  07/10/11  08:21 PM

Well I did it (again); rode the famous Markleeville...  This year the new wrinkle was snow; the Ebbett's pass...  BTW must note, I have completely cut over to using my...  Here are some pictures, you can find more in the...  ...  ...  ... 

on the road... driving to the Death Ride (4) - Friday,  07/09/10  10:50 PM

Just hanging out in a Marie Calendar's in Merced,...  Today's technology for being "on the road" is quite...  I am curiously unprepared mentally for the Death Ride...  Tomorrow is a big day in the Tour de France, and also...  Have you been following Paul the prognosticating...  Related: BoingBoing notes the end of science reporting...  Here's a helpful article: The best South African wines... 

son of death ride (4) - Sunday,  08/23/09  12:04 PM

In a couple of weeks I'm going to ride a relatively...  Here's the ride profile, it is out and back, for a...  ...  That first climb is from 3,500' to 9,000' in 16 miles,... 

son of death ride-r (3) - Sunday,  08/28/11  03:06 PM

Yesterday I rode the Son of Death Ride, "the toughtest...  Anyway I survived - yay me! - and here are some...  ...  ...  ...  ...  ... 

on the road again... returning from the Death Ride (3) - Saturday,  07/10/10  11:55 PM

I rode the Death Ride today, and survived (!), in fact...  ... and again I am delighted with my remote viewing...  Looking back over my blog, I must tell you I can't...  Yesterday I wrote "Tomorrow is a big day in the Tour...  Paul Mirengoff of Powerline has a nice preview of...  I am hyper-aware of the need to stay away from my...  Liran Shapira makes a subtle point: Be Impressed. ... 

Tour de France 2010 (3) - Saturday,  07/03/10  11:53 AM

Tour de France...  Following are all my Tour de France 2010 posts, in...  ...  Greetings all! As I did last year, I'm going to make...  The Tour got off to a great start today with a...  To nobody's surprise Fabian Cancellara blistered the...  Tomorrow is a stage for the sprinters - the GC guys... 

TDF stage 7 / transitional climb / Chavanel wins, takes back yellow! GC unchanged... (2) - Saturday,  07/10/10  11:45 PM

...  (blogged from a Carl's Jr. in Bishop, driving home...  Just finished watching today's TDF stage while driving...  After that weird stage 2 where Chavanel won from the...  Tomorrow morning the Tour really starts; stage 8 is...  [ Tour de France 2010: all posts | index... 

Thursday, July 08, 2010 11:44 PM (2) - Thursday,  07/08/10  11:44 PM

I'm back home, whew, after a long day; again got up...  My good mood from yesterday carried over into today......  So what do you think, Are blogs dying? I've noticed a...  Here's some evidence: Twitter + Vuvuzela. 10,000+...  This is awesome: a Dutch power plant clad in Delfts...  Jerry Pournelle schools the U.S. space program:...  I continue to mess around with Foursquare, but I'm... 

2009 California cycling schedule (2) - Sunday,  01/18/09  10:08 PM

I just received an email from Chuck Bramwell, the...  The 2009 California cycling calendarupdated...  * - part of California Triple Crown series (need three...  You're welcome! I will try to keep this up-to-date,... 

Riding the Wild Sierra (2) - Saturday,  10/18/08  01:30 PM

Urgh - my legs hurt already - just read an...  Here's the route...  ...  It is essentially the Death Ride, backwards, with an...  ...  Making this ride extra-special, it saves the hardest... 

driven up (2) - Monday,  08/04/08  10:15 PM

Well this is cool; there is a movie called Driven Up...  One day, 129 miles, 15,000' of climbing, 4AM chill,...  I have no idea. But I do know it was really fun, and...  Anyway I've preordered the DVD and can't wait to see... 

Wednesday, July 09, 2008 11:36 PM (2) - Wednesday,  07/09/08  11:36 PM

I am working on something cool. I am not talking...  But I must say, I am still bummed from yesterday. ...  BTW I came across Driven Up, a documentary about the...  Writing in the New Yorker, James Surowiecki engages in...  Powerline notes Obama's latest flip-flop (on FISA). ...  Meghan O'Rourke notes Anne of Green Gables turns 100. ...  LGF notes the Ringed Giant, and talks about the... 

happy birthday, USA (2) - Thursday,  07/03/08  07:41 PM

Happy Birthday, USA! And hope y'all have a great...  In the last couple of weeks I've started about ten...  I'm starting to think seriously know about the Death...  ...  (click to...  I have to bag a bit further on Obama, really I am...  Here's what I mean: Obama willing to 'refine' Iraq... 

Thursday, June 19, 2008 10:44 PM (2) - Thursday,  06/19/08  10:44 PM

Man is it HOT here! We're talking 107o hot. This...  Speaking of man against the elements, I've found a new...  Tonight I was idly reviewing my referer logs, and...  Okay, let's make a pass on the world, shall...  On the hottest day of the year, the Mars Lander has...  This seems like good news, the Scientist reports Boost...  This is not good news, Ars Technica reports US... 

it was just a bike (1) - Saturday,  09/03/11  10:55 PM

It was just a bike. That's what I keep telling...  Tonight it's late, I'm walking around the house...  I look around wildly like it would be anywhere else,...  No ride tomorrow, I guess, now what do I do? As it...  With all the practical issues like having a bike for... 

long weekend ... (1) - Sunday,  08/28/11  07:15 PM

Another pleasant long weekend; started Wednesday night...  I guess this is the end of summer, huh? End of...  Not only has Steve Jobs retired from Apple, but Rob...  I love this picture of a "smartphone" circa 1991... ...  My own guess: we're going to see phones integrated...  So what do you think, will the iPhone 5 work on every...  Please inform her that what she is doing cannot be... 

Rocky the Squirrel, on Facebook (1) - Wednesday,  08/17/11  12:31 PM

Hey y'all ... a couple months ago I reported Rocky the...  In case you're interested, I just created a Facebook...  I hope to give ongoing reports during the race itself...  That's me at right, riding the 508 in 2009, about 100...  In terms of preparation, I'm pretty far ahead of where... 

month one (1) - Friday,  07/15/11  06:38 PM

So ... it has been one month since I started my...  Oh, and of course I've been following the Tour! and...  This is too bad: Let's face it, High Speed Rail is...  Similarly, we don't invest in R&D anymore: SpaceX:...  This is amazing: Mona Lisa in 140 dots. Up close,...  Bonus question: okay, so the Mona Lisa itself is...  John Patrick considers Google+ and Facebook. "Circles... 

touring the Sierras (1) - Monday,  07/11/11  08:15 PM

Last weekend Shirley and I had a chance to tour the...  Some pictures, in case they are of...  ...  ...  ...  ...  ... 

long weekend (1) - Sunday,  07/10/11  11:43 PM

We're back! After a long weekend; Friday Shirley and...  Another thoughtful post from Scott "Dilbert" Adams:...  Stephen Green: the Bistromath economy. "The numbers,...  Powerline: Our excuser-in-chief. "One wonders...  Dave Winer (formerly an Obama supporter, then an Obama...  Here's a cool history of the Space Shuttle in...  Rand Simberg: six false lessons of the space... 

Thursday, July 07, 2011 11:01 PM (1) - Thursday,  07/07/11  11:01 PM

I checked in at work today; everything seems fine...  Ed Morrissey: do we really have a revenue problem? ...  Home price survey: no rebound in sight. Sigh. ...  Just read Brad Feld's review of I am John Galt, and...  The grand illusion: 'who to believe', a beautiful...  This is cool: how to beat a chess grandmaster. In... 

the joy of solitude (New Yorker 8/2/10) (1) - Saturday,  08/14/10  06:45 PM

...  "The joy and pain of...  (...brings back the Death Ride and a thousand...  ... 

Monday, July 12, 2010 11:30 PM (1) - Monday,  07/12/10  11:30 PM

As noted,yesterday was *not* a good day... My weekend...  BTW, yeah, today is a rest day in the Tour de France,...  James Surowiecki pounds the nail through the wood on...  I love this: Jeff Bezos 2010 commencement speech at...  Powerline: The World is Full of Bad Jokes, "But the...  Scott "Dilbert" Adams commenting on the iPad: The...  So here's something interesting: Google have announced... 

Death Rider (1) - Sunday,  07/11/10  07:21 PM

Yesterday I rode my third consecutive Death Ride - yay...  route profile - click to...  As usual I managed a few snaps for your perusal (and...  ...  ...  ...  ... 

not a good day, as Lance and Holland lose... (1) - Sunday,  07/11/10  04:26 PM

Man, some days are not good, and this is one of...  So what...  Tour de France: Lance Armstrong blew up on the final...  World Cup: Holland played Spain to an ugly 0-0 draw...  So be it... But I don't have to be happy about it. ... 

TDF stage 6 / sprint / Cavendish notches another, Cancellara, Hushovd keep jerseys (1) - Friday,  07/09/10  10:40 PM

...  (blogged from a Marie Calendar's in Merced, driving to...  I watched today's TDF stage while driving (!!, Tivo to...  Speaking of tomorrow, I won't be able to watch as I...  [ Tour de France 2010: all posts | index...  * BTW I must tell you, I have an HD Slingbox attached... 

Saturday, December 12, 2009 10:25 AM (1) - Saturday,  12/12/09  10:25 AM

And so I am back home, *finally*, after the world's...  And of course in the meantime it's all...  Thursday I registered for next summer's Death Ride,...  We're getting some early reviews of Avatar, and man...  John Gruber finds Dragon Dictation for the iPhone to...  [ Update: Josh Newman likes it, too. And so does...  As we near the end of 2009, we also near the end of... 

2009 cycling scoreboard (1) - Monday,  10/19/09  08:07 PM

Last weekend I completed my fifth double century of...  Who's counting? Me...  And I'm keeping score in another way too; here's what...  Wonder what it will look like next... 

Saturday morning post (1) - Saturday,  09/05/09  10:30 AM

I am back in the blogitorium, and I am NOT riding in...  Ann Althouse considers the fact that the news anchors...  Maximum congratulations to l'Equipe l’Hydroptère,...  TechRadar: Nice shoes, where did you download them? ...  This is seriously cool: a hyperbolic graph tree...  Just finished Alex Wellen's Lovesick. Highly...  Shirley is reading My Life in France, about Julia... 

Sunday, July 12, 2009 08:22 PM (1) - Sunday,  07/12/09  08:22 PM

Getting caught up after a busy long weekend that...  JibJab: He's come to save the day. They have the...  I'm in between watching yesterday's and today's stages...  Hey, guess what? Yeah, it's the all-star break. ...  Elizabeth Kolbert asks Why are we so fat? A book...  Related: as nation gains, size 14 becomes size 10. ...  ... 

Death Rider (1) - Sunday,  07/12/09  02:22 AM

Whew. Yesterday I rode the Death Ride up in...  -plus- ...  -plus- ...  -equals- ...  how many passes did I climb...  Well now it's over and I can rest and recuperate and... 

Thursday, July 09, 2009 10:54 PM (1) - Thursday,  07/09/09  10:54 PM

Being me (cont): I was myself, and it worked. I am...  I had a long day at work - many meetings, many things...  Excellent: Mayo Clinic gets $28M cancer grant, from...  Stuck in traffic less? Thank the economy. I've...  Dumpster Diving - literally. Wow, I love...  Dave Winer: the Java Wars, continued. Hits the nails...  Bram Cohen: Someone at the Mozilla Foundation needs to... 

Sunday, July 05, 2009 11:11 PM (1) - Sunday,  07/05/09  11:11 PM

Wow, that just felt like a really long weekend. I...  I haven't mentioned for a little while, but I continue...  According to FuturePundit, the 1999 "peak oil" study...  Meanwhile Chris Anderson says Tech is too cheap to...  So new browsers like Firefox 3.5 support the...  Have you ever known someone who was a lightning rod...  Here's quite a collection of unusual and innovative... 

Grand Tour Double (1) - Sunday,  06/28/09  11:15 AM

Greetings... I'm a bit tired and more than a bit sore...  There were a few high points, first, since this ride...  the route - Malibu / Port Hueneme / Thousand Oaks /...  ...  Next up - the Death Ride (dum dum dum) - on July 11... 

snow day (1) - Sunday,  06/07/09  10:06 AM

Yesterday I did the ride from hell, honestly the...  ...  The (re)route; start in Bishop...  I have posted a bunch of pictures here if you're...  I like to say every bad thing that happens is a good...  In chest-beating mode I will note that 150 riders... 

Sunday, April 12, 2009 10:55 PM (1) - Sunday,  04/12/09  10:55 PM

Happy Easter to y'all! Hope you spent the day hanging...  Project Q: zero cycles this weekend. Really hard to...  Well you have to love this: a dress made entirely of...  ZDNet considers why Apple doesn't make a netbook. I...  So in the innermost echo chambers of the blogosphere...  I've been trying so hard to ignore the Pre tease...  ZooBorn of the weekend: a Sea Lion pup makes a splash.... 

keeping score (1) - Sunday,  09/21/08  07:49 PM

I just noted completing a sextuple double, by riding...  Still, who's counting? Okay, okay, maybe I am. ...  Actually I've been keeping score another way, too. ...  Pretty cool, eh? I get a kick out of making a new... 

Sunday, July 27, 2008 11:52 PM (1) - Sunday,  07/27/08  11:52 PM

Great day today, watched the final parade of Le Tour...  A friend who sails and reads my blog came up to me...  Last night Shirley and I celebrated our sixteenth...  Quote of the day: "The trouble with socialism is that...  From the inimitable Scrappleface: McCain backs...  This is so bogus: California to ban trans fats at...  Gerard Vanderleun: cutest moment in the history of the... 

Sunday, July 13, 2008 10:37 PM (1) - Sunday,  07/13/08  10:37 PM

Visiting the world after returning from an...  ... and I've finally shed that weird / bad feeling I...  On the my breast cancer blog: I hate cancer. "Today,...  There's quite a stir caused by the latest New Yorker...  Did you see this? Boeing is making a blimp that can...  While I was out, Mark Cavendish won another sprint...  The newest Kuiper belt planetoid has been officially... 

Monday, July 07, 2008 10:39 PM (1) - Monday,  07/07/08  10:39 PM

The Ole filter makes a...  You won't believe this but I'll tell you anyway. On...  I have to put in a plug for,...  This morning I sat down early to watch stage 3 of Le...  Did you catch Sunday's Wimbledon final between Roger...  Sailing Anarchy notes the Olympics in Greenland. Not...  Eric Raymond: how to save the music industry. An... 

quintuple double - joining the 1,000 mile club (1) - Sunday,  06/29/08  11:28 AM

Yesterday I rode in the Grand Tour Double Century, my...  As usual I rode with my friend Mark Burson; here we...  This wasn't the easiest double I've ridden - that...  Next up - the Death Ride (dum dum dum), which is a... 

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