Critical Section

Thursday,  07/09/09  10:54 PM

Being me (cont): I was myself, and it worked.  I am still digging out of the hole I'd dug, but it feels much better.

I had a long day at work - many meetings, many things to consider, and then drove home, stopping in Dana Point for my "usual" ride down the coast; I am "topping up" for the Death Ride Saturday (dum dum dum).  And now I'm blogging while watching the tour; the last few days I've been monitoring the tour via live feeds online.  Wow, HD is cool :)

Excellent: Mayo Clinic gets $28M cancer grant, from the NCI.

gridlock!Stuck in traffic less?  Thank the economy.  I've always said the best way to solve gridlock was to raise the gas tax.

dumpster diving :)Dumpster Diving - literally.  Wow, I love it!

Dave Winer: the Java Wars, continued.  Hits the nails on their heads: "So yesterday Google announced The Chrome OS, which is hailed by the industry press as a surprise middle-of-the-night attack against their arch-rival, Microsoft.  Before yesterday's announcement: 1. Chrome ran on Linux. 2. Linux was an operating system. 3. Linux ran on netbooks.  However, most people want XP on their netbook, not Linux. That was true yesterday and it's still true today."

Bram Cohen: Someone at the Mozilla Foundation needs to be fired.  On the generation of "truly" random numbers... which apparently greatly affects Firefox startup time.

ZooBorn: baby PorcupineZooBorn of the day: a baby Porcupine.  OMG, is it cute or what?

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