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Sunday,  04/12/09  10:55 PM

Happy Easter to y'allHope you spent the day hanging out with those you love, and had a great time.  I certainly did; ate and drank and talked and played guitar (!) and hid eggs and tried to find them and then ate and drank some more.

Project Q: zero cycles this weekend.  Really hard to make progress at this rate :(

"the way we get by" - click through and enjoyGerard Vanderleun says we should take two minutes and watch this, and we won't be sorry.  So I did, and I wasn't.  Please click through and enjoy...

dress made entirely from 120 zippersWell you have to love this: a dress made entirely of zippers.  It can even be configured into various, um, configurations.

ZDNet considers why Apple doesn't make a netbook.  I really don't see why this is such a mystery.  Apple never enters a market at the bottom, they always enter from the side, with a specific angle that makes their product different, so they can hold a margin.  Really what would they bring to the netbook table?

So in the innermost echo chambers of the blogosphere the talk has all been of the new DiggBar, which automatically shortens link URLs using a Digg-based shortener...  Ted "uncov" Dziuba says it is a howl of desperation.  It does sort of make one wonder what Digg are thinking - seems to have more value for them than for any user...

the Palm Pre...I've been trying so hard to ignore the Pre tease activity, but it is getting hard; Fox has a first look at Palm's new Pre smartphone, and concludes "I'm happy to report that all the hype from the gadget shows is true. Palm's got a winner on its hands and Apple's got a challenger for first place among smartphones."  It sounds great, but I can't wait.  Well I guess I have to, but you know what I mean...

ZooBorn: Sea Lion pup makes a splashZooBorn of the weekend: a Sea Lion pup makes a splash.  A small one :)

Thinking about the Mulholland Challenge yesterday - it already seems "fun", and the pain is largely forgotten - and watching Paris-Roubaix today, I am working up the courage to enter the Son of Death Ride.  According to many it is the toughest one-day ride of them all.  Stay tuned :)

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