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Riding the Wild Sierra

Saturday,  10/18/08  01:30 PM

Urgh - my legs hurt already - just read an announcement of Riding the Wild Sierra, a new double century ride next year, taking place in the same area as the Death Ride.  Only this will be 20,000' over 8 passes and 200 miles, instead of "just" 15,000' over 5 passes and 135 miles.  Mark your calendars - the inaugural event will be June 14, 2009.

Here's the route map:

Riding the Wild Sierra - course map

It is essentially the Death Ride, backwards, with an extra 70 miles and a bunch of climbing up front.  Here's the profile, showing the eight passes and 20,300' in all their glory:

Riding the Wild Sierra - course profile

Making this ride extra-special, it saves the hardest climb for last - the 8% grade from Lake Topaz back up to the top of Monitor.  This is just a maniacal ride, it will be very difficult to complete in under 16 hours.  Wow.  And yes, I am planning to do it, but that's easy to say because it isn't until next June...


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