Critical Section

Thursday,  07/07/11  11:01 PM

Markleeville, CAI checked in at work today; everything seems fine there, somehow they are surviving without me.  I spent the day fighting an unplanned personal fire, recovered, and ended up visiting the Center of the Universe to see the Dodgers shut out the Mets with my kids.  Final score 3 hot dogs and 1 beer.  Most excellent.

revenue vs spendingEd Morrissey: do we really have a revenue problem?  Um, no.  We have a spending problem.

Home price survey: no rebound in sight.  Sigh.  Related: Zillow's "Zestimate" shifts.  Down.  Scary :(

Just read Brad Feld's review of I am John Galt, and just bought it on my Kindle.  A great weekend read, yippee.  The ability to instantly buy and read a book you've heard about is one of the Kindle's great virtues.

'who to believe' - sculpture outside Paris' Hotel d'VilleThe grand illusion: 'who to believe', a beautiful sculpture outside Paris' city hall.  "When viewed from a specific angle, the 100 meter long grass installation appears to be a much smaller three-dimensional sphere."  Awesome!  I must see it (and I will in a few weeks :)

how to beat nine grandmasters at onceThis is cool: how to beat a chess grandmaster.  In which a magician uses memory to defeat nine expert players at once.  The clever approach is all explained, but the twist at the end is rather bewildering.

Well tomorrow I'm off; Shirley and I are driving up to Lake Topaz for the weekend, so I can ride the Death Ride on Saturday.  Blogging may be intermittent, see you next week!

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