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lighting the house

Friday,  11/28/08  07:31 PM

Today was amazing; just the most beautiful day you could imagine.  Crisp and clear, sun shining, with just a breath of cool breeze keeping the leaves moving.  Perfect for my annual brush with death: lighting the house!

... some objects are taller than they appear ...

... faithful to my shirt ...

Many of my neighbors put up lights (our neighborhood is well lit during December :), and many most of them hire people to do it, but for me there is a gentle satisfaction in doing it myself.  Particularly on a day as nice as this one; rain or wind or cold add to the difficulty, and at the end of November all three in combination are not unusual.  But today the forces of Murphy were forgiving.  (They did manifest themselves in one light string which worked perfectly in the garage, but not on the roof, but that's par for the course :)

... the end result ... priceless ...

With that safely done, I can retire to more football and more eating.  I hope your day-after-Thanksgiving went just as well :)



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