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alcohol is not a performance enhancing drug

Tuesday,  06/10/08  08:13 PM

In the public interest I want to report a key finding from personal research: alcohol is not a performance enhancing drug.

Here's what happened: today Megan graduated from Elementary School.  (Yay, Megan, congratulations! - that's her walking up to get her diploma at right...)  And afterward we had a celebratory lunch, together with several other families.  And we had some Pinot Grigio.  Some.  And for whatever reason, thus far unexplainable by science, white wine in the afternoon hits me harder than red wine at night.  So I was buzzed.

Later I went for a bike ride; one of my "usual" routes through Westlake and Hidden Hills, about 25 miles.  Not good.  I was tired, weak, slow, and unmotivated.  I couldn't climb worth a lick.  I couldn't even descend.  I was passed by small children on tricycles.  I thought perhaps I would ride my way to being sober, gaining strength in the process, but it didn't happen; I finished as weak and listless as I started.  It was easily my slowest time ever on that ride.

Anyway with this experiment in hand, I can report: alcohol is not a performance enhancing drug.  I don't think your mileage will vary.


pictures of Iran

Tuesday,  06/10/08  08:29 PM

You might not think about it, but Iran is an extraordinarily beautiful country. 

These days we view them as "an enemy", because of conflicting religous politics, but it was not always so; there was a time when Iran was a staunch U.S. ally, and a time before that when Persia was one of the most influential and advanced countries on Earth. 

How things changed I'll leave to others and other times to explain, but in the meantime I wanted to share this collection of amazing photographs of Iran.  Enjoy.

Armenian Church - North-Western Iran

Cottage in northern Iran

Uramanat - North-Western Iran

Izeh - South-Western Iran

Layalestan - Gilan, Northern Iran

Bagh-e Eram Palace & Gardens - Shiraz

Oroomieh Lake - North-Western Iran

Winter night in Isfahan

Marble Palace - Tehran

Vank Cathedral - Isfahan , Iran

Museum of Fine Arts - Tehran , Iran

Shahzadeh Gardens -Mahan - Kerman

Waterfalls near Shiraz - Iran

Chehel Sotoun Palace Pavilion - Isfahan

Aali Gaapou - Isfahan , Iran

Lahijan - Guilan Province , Iran

Asalem - Khalkhal - Northern Iran

Niasar - Isfahan , Iran

Mansion in Mazanderan - Northern Iran

Pear Orchard - Shiraz

Parandegan   Park in Isfahan

A serene Lake in Guilan, Northern Iran

Latian Lake near Tehran

Margoon waterfall

Outskirts of Shiraz - Iran

Oroumieh Lake - N.W. Iran

Ramsar - Northern Iran

Village of Roodbarak - Norhtern Iran

White Bridge - Ahwaz, South-Western Iran

Chahar Bagh Avenue - Isfahan

Arg-e Kola Farangi - Birjand , Iran

Kohgiluyeh & Boyer Ahmad Province - Iran

Traditional Persian outdoor teahouse

Saayeh khosh - southern Iran

Sistan & Baluchestan province

Sobatan Village - Ardebil

Ferdowsi - toos, Khorasan, Iran


Tuesday,  06/10/08  09:20 PM

A great day today; not only did Megan graduate from Elementary School (yay!) but before the alcohol test I made good progress on some key projects.  I have two kinds of work, "real work", in which I create code, write documentation, or otherwise produce real output, and "scorekeeping", in which I monitor and advise others doing real work.  (There is also, I suppose, "meta-scorekeeping", in which I monitor and advise other scorekeepers :)  Anyway in all my years of managing I have never managed to enjoy scorekeeping as much as real work, and I suppose by now it is hopeless.

Woo hoo!  Holland's thrilling victory over Italy finally brought Euro 2008 to life!  Yeah, baby, shutting out the defending World Cup champions in the group of death, what could be better than that?  I am so not a soccer fan, but I am now :)  TivoHD to the rescue... 

And whew, Kobe & co. staunch the bleeding, win at home over the Celtics.  Another series for the Tivo... 

More sports: George Hincapie powers to a win at the Dauphiné Libéré.  Excellent!  Thor Hushovd is still in yellow, with Alejandro Valverde in second and Levi Leipheimer in third; they're separated by five seconds.  The time trial tomorrow should sort things out a bit.  

The NYTimes reports Wine may keep liver healthy.  "Recent reports suggest that red wine is a potent force in increasing lifespan, and a new study offers still more good news for wine drinkers. A glass a day, whether white or red, may reduce the risk of developing the nation’s most common liver disorder, nonalcoholic fatty liver disease."  Another point in favor of drinking wine!  [ via Instapundit ]  (Although as noted, alcohol is not a performance enhancing drug :) 

TechCrunch: Google app engine 'accidentally' blocks PayPal.  "Google App Engine, their new platform for building and hosting third party web applications, is blocking applications from integrating with PayPal for payments.  Developers who are building apps that use PayPal to handle payments require the application to send a request to the PayPal service.  The URLs used in these requests are all on the domain name.  In Google App Engine apps, requests to these URLs returns a generic ‘download’ error with no specific details."  Wow, whatever happened to "don't be evil"?  Even at their competitive worst, eBay never blocked PayPal URLs(back in the bad old Billpoint days, before eBay capitulated and bought PayPal). 

Mike Davidson: I really do think Apple just split the mobile world into two choices: settle for a free phone or buy an iPhone.  Well maybe; my spiffy new Centro wasn't free, and I didn't buy an iPhone.  It is possible that in the wake of the iPhone 3G, cellular providers like Sprint will have to offer Centros for free to keep their subscribers; time will tell...  [ via John Gruber


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