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Monday,  07/27/09  09:09 PM

TDF 09 - goodbye until next year!One more Tour post (if you're sick of these, you can say "yay", and if you're a tour fan you can join me in saying "boo" :).  A few little day after observations and links:

  • How great was it that all the news was the cyclists and the races, and no doping?  It was great.
  • To nobody's surprise Alberto and Lance are sparring already.  It should be a great showdown next year.  And where will Alberto land?  Perhaps, as Lance has suggested, he will discover there is no "I" in team :)
  • Nice to see Thor Hushovd and Mark Cavendish have buried the hatchet.  Mark is going to learn from this experience, and will be competing for the green next year you can be sure.  He won Milan San Remo remember, he is not "just" a sprinter.  Thor did show us all he isn't either.
  • Welcome back!  Michael Rasmussen finishes second upon his return from a two year suspension.  Excellent, I want to see him back in the Tour.  We need someone who can climb with Contador.
  • Welcome back II!  Robbie McEwen finishes second upon his return from injury.  Excellent, I want to see him back in the Tour, too.  We need someone who can sprint with Cavendish.
  • George Hincapie did break his collarbone in stage 17; he declined to have it X-rayed so he could finish.  Think cyclists aren't tough?  Wow.
  • Finally, this was really cool, as Tour de France chief Christian Prudhomme credited Lance Armstrong for adding interest to this year's race.  Lance won more friends in France finishing third than he ever did by winning.

And so now it is wait 'till next year!

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