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TDF stage 2 / flat: Cavendish! a classic field sprint

Sunday,  07/05/09  11:53 AM

TDF 09 stage 2: Cavendish takes the sprintTo no one's surprise today's TDF stage 2 from Monaco to Brignoles ended in a bunch sprint, and to no one's surprise it was won by Mark Cavendish.  It was almost too easy, George Hincapie and Mark Renshaw each taking their turn leading Cavendish to the front.  Tyler Farrar gamely hung on to Mark's wheel for second, but had no chance to come around to challenge. 

The rest of the stage was pretty boring, if picturesque, with no change in the GC.  If Cavendish makes it to Paris he already seems like a lock to win the green jersey.

We're enjoying the HD pictures Versus are providing this year; it sure makes those wide helicopter shots of the French countryside more appealing.  But could I please ask, now that we have so much screen real estate, would it be possible to give us a little more information on-screen?  Seems like an accurate representation of the relative positions of the breakaway and peloton should be possible, right?  Not to mention things like temperature, distance traveled, vertical distance climbed, etc.  The technology in the team cars is way ahead of the technology in the announcer's booths.  Admittedly a quibble as Phil Liggett and Paul Sherwin are on their game as usual (and fortunately Craig Hummer is less annoying than usual).  Should be a great tour.

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