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Sunday,  07/26/09  07:49 PM

Alice Robinson Regatta at WLYC; Meg in foreground w striped bikiniA very nice day, capping a very nice weekend, as Meg and I sailed in WLYC's Alice Robinson Regatta, and gave a decent account of ourselves despite sailing with a boat full of water (rookie move: left the drain plug out...).  The picture at left shows all the competitors; that is Meg in the foreground w striped bikini...

Tuscany for our anniversary: three filets (and a '97 Staglin Cab!)Shirley and I celebrated our 17th anniversary last night at Tuscany Restaurant, our local favorite, and enjoyed a tremendous selection of three petit filet mignons paired with three sauces, accompanied by a '97 Staglin Cabernet.  She looked amazing (if I may say), and the food was equally awesome, to make for an exceptionally great meal.  Onward to the next seventeen years!

Associated Press goes to war with search engines and blogs.  Wow, how stupid can they be?  Don't answer that, we know already.  As Instapundit notes: yeah, that's a smart business plan.  (From his comments: "Next up, Agatha Christie sues the Dewey Decimal System" :)

Victor David Hanson imagines how Obama's first six months might have gone: the path not taken.  We can already characterize him as a one-term President, don't you think?  The bloom is definitely off that rose...

Obama approval rating on 7/24/09Powerline notes: Obama's decline continues.  Check out the Rasmussen survey results at right, wow.  He's into Bush territory already.

"customed Zorb" - who knew?Spam of the day: customed Zorb.  Who knew there was such a thing as a Zorb?  Now you do, too :)

Yesterday's TDF stage 20 revisited: I came across a clip of Lance Armstrong attacking ferociously on Mont Ventoux in 2000.  Check that out to see the difference between Lance then and now...

Another TDF note: I realized Johan Bruyneel deserves massive credit.  Nine TDF wins, with two riders on three teams.  Pretty impressive.

Lancewood tree - adapts to prevent [extinct] Moas from eating it...This is really cool: Science reports New Zealand tree stuck in evolutionary time warp.  "A eucalyptus-like tree that grows in New Zealand is still defending itself from a giant bird that died out about 500 years ago.  The lancewood tree changes its appearance twice in its lifetime--an adaptation, a new study suggests, that prevented it from being eaten by flightless moas."  Evolution is slow but sure, it will catch up.  Via Slashdot, where a commentator noted: "from the tree's standpoint, the adaptation is working; it hasn't been eaten by a Moa for 500 years" :)

DIY wearable computer - imaging cameras linked to Google linked to a heads' up display...This is way cool: a DIY wearable computer.  I believe this is the future; imagine cameras attached to your glasses acquiring realtime imagery of your surroundings, relaying to Google searches, and displaying the results on a heads' up display inside the glasses.  You know this is going to happen, the only question is how soon.  Personally I can't wait!

ZooBorn: baby Red PandaZooBorn of the day: a baby Red Panda.

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