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Tuesday, March 08, 2016 09:44 AM (1) - Tuesday,  03/08/16  09:44 AM

Ha ... did I say I had recovered from my cold? ...  So this is cool: MIT scientists stunned by scalable...  Apropos: this McKinsey report (!): the growing...  Not all research is equally cool: this paper appears...  Here we have Ice fishing in one of the world's coldest...  Brad Feld with an interesting rumination: No one gets...  The glasses-free technology that made me believe in 3D... 

Iditarod: the ceremonial start (1) - Saturday,  03/05/16  08:08 PM

Today I watched the 2016 Iditarod's Ceremonial Start,...  Tomorrow of course is the Restart, when the actual...  ...  For those of you who are Iditarod rookies, welcome! ...  I am rooting for DeeDee Jonrowe to win, she's the...  ...  Go... 

TGIF (1) - Friday,  03/04/16  12:09 PM

I am not a TGIF person. I like weekends but also, I...  Did you watch last night's debate? Me neither. But I...  I was never a fan of Mitt Romney (or was I? ... I did...  I think the best analogy for what's happening with...  Scott "Dilbert" Adams' debate scorecard: "When I say...  This afternoon at 3:35PM will be SpaceX's fifth...  Just a reminder there are two exciting things going on... 

Iditarod day two: on the Yukon (1) - Tuesday,  03/10/15  10:46 PM

Day two of the 2015 #Iditarod has come and gone, and...  First in was Martin Buser, who said he wasn't going to...  * The mushers start at two minute intervals, and the...  The rest of the pack have / will follow; at this...  (for more detail, click map at left to...  Aside from poor Brent Sass all the mushers are still...  [Update 23:17: just see that Aliy Zirkle has taken... 

Iditarod day one: and they're off! (1) - Monday,  03/09/15  09:46 PM

And yes, they're off, the 2015 #Iditarod is under way,...  As usual the Iditarod website is the best repository...  ...  If you look closely you can see #12 Nicholas Petit is...  Here's a picture of DeeDee caring for her team in the...  Right now there are no surprises in the leaderboard. ...  [Update: you might enjoy this primer for Iditarod... 

Iditarod: day zero (the ceremonial start) (1) - Friday,  03/06/15  08:32 PM

Are you ready for some dogsled racing? The 2015...  Here's this year's route (click to...  ...  The first part of the route is entirely new, from...  * The race alternates between a Southern and Northern...  From what I've read the mushers are pretty excited...  As far as changes to strategy; the route checkpoints... 

Iditarod day 2 - fast start over dirt (1) - Tuesday,  03/04/14  12:26 AM

The Iditarod is off to a fast start ... over dirt. ...  Martin Buser is in the lead; he's clearly duplicating...  Onward ... tomorrow will be an interesting day! (And...  (All Iditarod 2014... 

Iditarod day one - and they're off! (1) - Sunday,  03/02/14  11:44 PM

And they're off! Today was the "restart" of the 2014...  As always at this stage of the race there is much...  Another interesting subject for discussion is that...  (The map at right shows the Northern Route, used in...  Stay tuned... (and Go...  (All Iditarod 2014... 

Iditarod: day zero (1) - Saturday,  03/01/14  11:03 PM

Today was day zero of the Iditarod, the Ceremonial...  Everything is in readiness but there is a big problem...  If you're planning to follow the race, there is of...  One thing to be aware of is that in the early days of...  (All Iditarod 2014... 

ready, set, Iditarod (1) - Friday,  02/28/14  10:51 PM

So, are you ready for some sled dog racing?...  Tomorrow is the start of the 2014 Iditarod race from...  Although the race "starts" tomorrow, it is only a...  Each musher starts the race with a team of sixteen...  There are sixty-nine teams starting the race tomorrow,...  (All Iditarod 2014... 

go DeeDee, continued (2) - Wednesday,  05/25/11  10:56 PM

You guys will remember my enthusiasm for cancer...  Well guess what? Aperio is sponsoring DeeDee! How...  Tonight DeeDee addressed our Leadership team at an...  * Tonight we learned the true story; DeeDee was... 

lazy Saturday (1) - Saturday,  03/19/11  04:12 PM

It's a lazy Saturday around here ... I'm home alone...  I must make some time for riding; next weekend I'm...  But I will interrupt my busy self for a bit of...  You might have seen this already; an amateur video...  Scott "Dilbert" Adams has an interesting account of...  One more on the disaster; of course a big worry is the...  Did you enjoy my little series on musher DeeDee... 

go DeeDee, episode IX (3) - Wednesday,  03/16/11  09:40 AM

Well the 2011 Iditarod is history, and our adopted...  Here are some pictures you might enjoy from the...  ...  ...  ...  The pictures above are all of DeeDee Jonrowe and her...  ... 

go DeeDee, episode VIII (3) - Tuesday,  03/15/11  04:45 PM

This is the penultimate DeeDee Jonrowe update. So …...  I watched the live video stream of Baker coming down...  ...  Our DeeDee still has a fight on her hands, she has a...  [ all episodes... 

go DeeDee, episode VII (3) - Tuesday,  03/15/11  08:36 AM

The 2011 Iditarod is in its final stages. DeeDee...  In the GPS tracker map at right, the TB (“trail...  You might be curious to know how the Iditarod race...  At left is a picture of John Baker setting out with...  Although it isn’t DeeDee’s year to win, she...  ...  Anyway there’s 75 miles left and much can still... 

go DeeDee, episode VI (3) - Monday,  03/14/11  12:32 PM

An update on our adopted musher DeeDee Jonrowe; she is...  It appears that while DeeDee is still running strong...  You may notice that the red track in the map above...  Once the mushers reach White Mountain they must take a...  Some of you have asked if DeeDee is the only woman...  ...  Cheers, stay tuned, and go... 

go DeeDee, episode V (3) - Saturday,  03/12/11  11:16 PM

The 2011 Iditarod is down to the last 200 miles, where...  John Baker is leading and according to Ramey Smyth,...  If you want to hope, the Iditarodblog noted the...  As usual the best news comes from various lay...  ...  Well the next 24 hours should prove decisive, we’ll...  [ all episodes... 

go DeeDee, episode IV (3) - Friday,  03/11/11  04:17 PM

Many of you have asked so I thought I’d clarify the...  Right: Dee and her team take to the trail, with their...  All dogs are examined by vets at each checkpoint. The...  Currently DeeDee has 12 dogs left running, which means...  Left: The Northern lights highlight the...  All of the top teams have dropped at least one dog,...  Of course deciding how hard to run is important too. ... 

go DeeDee, episode III (3) - Friday,  03/11/11  11:52 AM

Here’s the latest update on DeeDee Jonrowe. She is...  The conditions have “worsened”, with colder...  ...  Here’s the current standings; stay tuned for more...  [ all episodes... 

go DeeDee, episode II (3) - Wednesday,  03/09/11  06:17 PM

An update on our adopted musher DeeDee Jonrowe. She...  The conditions this year are hard and fast, which does...  If you’re looking for an indication of how she’s...  ...  Cheers and stay tuned for updates… go...  [ all episodes... 

go DeeDee (4) - Sunday,  03/06/11  10:40 PM

We held Aperio's annual sales meeting a week ago, and...  DeeDee gives talks all year long, except a couple of...  ...  Stay tuned for updates … and go DeeDee!...  [ all episodes... 

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