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On the road again ... (1) - Saturday,  03/14/15  08:43 PM

Today I was on the road again, celebrated Pi Day by...  Some...  ...  the route: a nice 100 mile 5,280 foot circuit of the...  ...  before the start:...  ... 

about me (1) - Wednesday,  01/08/14  09:13 AM

This morning I updated the About Me page of this blog,...  The old one is shown at right; it was taken while I...  The About Me page is the oldest post on the whole...  Of course the world has changed more than I have, back...  If I had known back in 2003 that ten years later I...  Onward! ... 

Solvang Century! (3) - Sunday,  03/13/11  06:10 PM

Yesterday I rode the Solvang Century, yay! This is my...  As usual I posted some pictures, please check 'em...  Here's the route, the usual with a few tweaks, an even...  ...  Of course a highlight is always the first leg on Santa...  ...  This is the view I had for much of the first 66 miles,... 

Solvang Century, x4: in 5:45 on 0:00 sleep (3) - Sunday,  03/14/10  11:56 AM

Yesterday I rode the Solvang Century, for the fourth...  I posted a bunch of pictures in case you're...  Here's the route, the "usual", with about 5,200' of...  ...  A highlight of this ride was passing through the Santa...  ...  Overall it was a fun ride, I'm glad I did it. If... 

week of 3/8/10, redux (1) - Sunday,  03/14/10  10:43 AM

Well I had the busiest week ever, whew; last Sunday I...  ... in the meantime it's all happening ... here's a...  Happy π day! 3/14, get...  Puppy! In which Joel Spolsky announces his retirement...  This is so true: In the land of Twitter, blogging is...  iPad Pre-Orders: For Idiots Only. And so we have...  Dave Winer ordered one in a moment of... 

remembering Daniel, year 6 (1) - Sunday,  03/14/10  10:09 AM

This is being typed through a fog of tears. It is the...  A few weeks ago I nearly died, I was hit by a car...  On March 13, 2004, I received an email from Daniel,...  I hope each one of you does something meaningful with...  Words to live by, or perhaps to die by. Certainly... 

mega bonk (2) - Saturday,  03/14/09  05:19 PM

Today I rode in the Solvang Century, and I bonked...  This picture was taken at 55 miles in... before it...  ...  Just after this I began getting little crampy twinges,...  I went into the day thinking maybe I could break 5...  Well so be it; onward. I would love to figure out...  P.S. You might be wondering how my trusty ol' Kestrel... 

triple double (1) - Sunday,  04/06/08  11:19 AM

Well, I did it, or actually I must say we did it; my...  ...  Being an avid cyclist and tough guy, Mark hatched a...  Which was all nothing compared to recent...  Last weekend we rode the Solvang Double together in...  ...  We begin the first loop at 6:30, cruising through... 

I did it again (1) - Saturday,  03/08/08  07:31 PM

At this point riding centuries is a bit old hat for...  Next up for me is a double-double at the end of March;... 

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