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remembering Daniel, year 6

Sunday,  03/14/10  10:09 AM

Daniel Jacoby - foreground / backgroundThis is being typed through a fog of tears.  It is the sixth anniversary of my friend Daniel Jacoby's death, it is a Sunday morning, and I am thinking of him and counting my blessings.  I always say that Daniel left a lasting impression on me, that as a result of having known him I think like him a little, and it seems that with each passing year I learn more and am able to think more like him.  

A few weeks ago I nearly died, I was hit by a car while riding.  That was a formative experience, and now, thinking about Daniel, I can see this helped me to think like him even more.  I've just had the most amazing week, traveling in New York, and coming home yesterday to ride the Solvang Century.  And here I am, alive.  I am trying to maximize each day knowing it could be my last.

On March 13, 2004, I received an email from Daniel, subject: death announcement.  It begins: "By the time you read this I will be pushing up the daisies".  We all knew Daniel had not being doing well but this email was a shock, and just sitting here six years later I can still feel the adreneline I felt then, the sadness, the sense of loss.  I did not know then what a rich and amazing source of happiness and gain his death would turn out to be.  The email contains these lines:

I hope each one of you does something meaningful with your life. 
Not just conquests or making money but something that changes someone elses life for the better.

Words to live by, or perhaps to die by.  Certainly Daniel did many things that changed many lives for the better, mine not least.  Onward!

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