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the more things change

Sunday,  01/10/16  12:11 PM

I like blogging because I like sharing my thoughts, and the ego gratification of knowing they're being read is nice too.  But in recent years another reason I like blogging is because I like re-reading my own posts, many years hence.  The little Flight feature I have for my Archive is so cool for this; I can click a button and see what I was thinking about this time for each of the last fourteen years.  (Try it :)

So I just clicked it, and what did I find?

  • 2015: I was just settling in to watch football on a nice rainy day.  Well that sounds familiar :)
  • 2014: thinking about Space.  I guess I do that a lot.
  • 2013: checking in after ten years of blogging.
  • 2012: a summary post, after a year of blogging on Facebook...  and moving to Westlake Island, wow, can't believe that was five years ago!
  • 2011: blogging about football.  Heh.
  • 2010: my first Tesla test drive (in a Roadster).  The seed was clearly planted.  Not to mention a trippy 0s-and-1s Matrix-like graphic, so cool, I must keep that for future reference :)
  • 2009: a positive take on Obamacare, and Scott Adams on friends.
  • 2008: a filter pass with comments about science and the iPhone's impact, and also celebrating the 100th ScanScope at Aperio, and analyzing the Cowboy's Dilemma.
  • 2007: nothing, after a year of not-blogging :( except for an oasis of good stuff in May.
  • 2006: nada.  My nadir of blogging.  There was some cool stuff in February, though...
  • 2005: celebrating rain in San Diego (!), Vitamin D, TivoToGo, and a beach in an East German hanger...
  • 2004: Ottmar Liebert on home-making, LOTR, and blogging about blogging...
  • 2003: ten days after starting, a great list of  notes, including Reid Hoffman, my book, Peter Thiel, a family up for auction on eBay, Carl Sagan's baloney detector, and the problem with metadata.  Oh, and North Korea!  Well that sounds familiar:

The more things change, the more they stay the same, and the more I like blogging about how much things have changed and how much they've stayed the same.  Once in a lifetime...