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Friday,  01/09/09  06:16 PM

healthcare bailoutWow, Healthcare could nab $100B payday in Obama stimulus package.  Certainly a better investment of tax dollars than saving autoworker jobs, eh?

Scott Adams: Define friend: 1) Someone you have told a secret, 2) Someone who has accepted a favor from you.  Interesting definition.  I think he's right about defining it in terms of what you do, instead of what your friend does, but I think for me it is more forward-looking, something like: 1) Someone I could tell a secret, 2) Someone who would accept a favor from me.

Scott certainly has some inane posts, but then he comes back with deeply introspective and interesting ones like this.  I think he could be a friend :)

Eric Raymond: My comment to the FCC on DRM.  "DRM is a disaster for everyone involved with it, because it cannot do what it claims but imposes large costs in the process of failing. The people who have sold DRM technologies to Big Media are frauds playing on the ignorance of media executives, and both the media companies and the consumer have suffered greatly and unnecessarily as a result."  As one of the founders of Open Source, Eric has standing to comment, and his remarks are dead on IMHO.  DRM = bad, full stop.  {I think of this every time I wait for my TV to validate HDMI.}

Clint Eastwood in Gran TorinoAnn Althouse likes Gran Torino.  I'm hearing that a lot, might have to go see it.  Interesting that Clint Eastwood remains a favorite Hollywood heavy despite being in his 70s.  He's been making people's days for a while now :)

Biographical note: as a kid, my Mom drove a Gran Torino station wagon.  Probably the world's largest car.  I believe you could haul aircraft with that thing.  Certainly an entire little league team, as she proved on many occasions...


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