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Full house, tens high

Sunday,  01/10/10  10:01 PM

01/10/10 at 10:01; full house, tens high :)

...and so today I coded...  it was good.

Say you're a whale.  Say you're happy.  Say you feel like, I don't know, jumping for joy.  What do you do?  You jump for joy, of course!  WOW.  And how amazing must it have been to be right there, watching? 

So CES is over, and what did we learn this week?  Android (especially the Google Nexus One), and 3D TV.  Even though the former gathered more headlines, I think the latter is going to be more significant in the long run.  Everyone who's seen Avatar walks out of the theater primed to buy 3D for their family room. 

So did you watch the playoffs today?  Did you see Kurt Warner put on a performance of the ages, leading Arizona to a 51-45 overtime win over Green Bay?  Wow, how cool was that...  I don't think Arizona is going all the way, and I don't think Mr. Warner is coming back next year, but what a way to exit, stage left.  Go old guys! 

Huh, really?  TechCrunch thinks this will be the year Adobe's 2M Flash developers come to the iPhone.  I don't think Apple will ever support a Flash runtime, but I do think Adobe will successfully create a Packager for iPhone to compile Flash source code into a native iPhone app.  And I do think that will be big.  (And since Aperio has a digital pathology viewer built with Flash, I do think I'm rooting for it to happen!) 

From the Oatmeal: printers were sent from hell to make us miserable.  "Printers, unlike other technologies, are remarkable in the fact that they're just as crappy and unreliable now as they were in 1995."  Amen.