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Saturday,  01/10/04  11:41 PM

A really quiet day.  Is it the cold?

I must tell you, it was nice and warm and beautiful here in SoCal.  I worked all day (!) except for a bike ride, which was wonderful.

Ottmar Liebert makes a remarkable prediction:

Here, folks, is the bottom line.  Eventually, and I am talking in 50-100 years (if the planet has survived), most items will be made in your home.  You want a hammer, you find a recipe on the net and after paying a license fee you will download the recipe and stick it in your matter compiler where you will find your hammer a while later.Lego Mindstorms robot

This is horrible!  Lego is killing Mindstorms!  Anyway they're in big trouble, firing executives, and cutting back.  "The company now plans to stop making the electronics and movie tie-in products and return to its core mission: producing colored plastic building blocks for children."  That's really too bad.

Salon reports Professor Lives Life as Cyborg.  "Mann, a 41-year-old engineering professor at the University of Toronto, spends hours every day viewing the world through a little monitor in front of his eye -- so much so that going without the apparatus often leaves him feeling nauseous, unsteady, naked."  Will we all be cyborgs in the future?  It wouldn't surprise me.  I'd love to have my Treo built in :)

"Lord of the Rings" cleans up at L.A. film awards.  "In a possible precursor to Oscar night next month, the final installment in the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy has won four prizes at the ninth annual Critics' Choice Awards, an event whose picks are often echoed at Academy Awards."

Wired interviews Michael Powell: FCC Head Says Broadband Is Vital.  "'We should be working to bring in technologies and policies that spin things away from large centralized institutions that determine what you see and hear and listen to, and push more power to consumers,' Powell said. 'Why I like my TiVo is I'm the programmer, instead of NBC or ABC or CBS'."  And that's why I like Powell...  I can't really see the FCC stifling VoIP and other new Internet services on his watch.

Just wanted to plug  An excellent group blog I've been checking out regularly, despite the fact that they don't have an RSS feed :(

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