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bicycle polo (New Yorker, 9/14/09)

Sunday,  09/27/09  10:36 AM

a simple decorative picture in the New Yorker
"bicycle polo"
who knew?


Sunday,  09/27/09  10:59 AM

A beautiful morning, wow, it is wonderful and warm with a slight breeze; a great day for sitting in the blogitorium and doing nothing except, well, blogging.

My Furnace Creek 508 totem: Rocky the Flying SquirrelYesterday I had a real jolt; I began my final approach for competing in the Furnace Creek 508 next weekend, and I discovered that my crew captain had forgotten all about it and is unavailable.  *Sigh*  I guess when you count on unreliable people you're going to be disappointed, and I did, and I am.  Anyway it has left me scrambling; I am desperately trying to find a crew at the last minute, but I am not hopeful.  For a ride like this, you don't just need a crew, you need a GREAT crew.

On the off chance that I can ride I stocked up on spare tires and tubes and protein drink and all that, and got flashing amber lights for my car.  And I made my totem (!); competitors in the 508 are identified by an animal totem rather than a number; and I am [of course] Rocky, the Flying Squirrel.  I also reviewed my route recon from last year and got a little scared again thinking about all that climbing and all those miles.  And then I remembered, I'm probably not going to be able to ride.  Sniff.

So later today I will do a training ride.  And then tonight: Chickenfoot!  Yay.  Now that is a day to look forward to.  But first, the Ole filter makes a pass...

My hero Andrew Breitbart: Podesta spends Soros' money stupidly.  In which the White House appears far more interested in investigating the ACORN investigators than ACORN itself.

Today's blatant correlation vs. causality confusion: "why kids who get spanked have lower IQs".  The alternative headline, "why kids with lower IQs need to be spanked", was apparently not considered, despite the fact that IQ is demonstratively harder to change than needing-to-be-spanked.  (This would be a great subject for a blog post.  I will tell you that my saying so did not cause the post to exist :)

Cadel Evans attacks in the final 5km to win the 2009 world championshipCongratulations to Cadel Evans, who soloed the last 5km to win the world road racing championship.  You have to feel good for Cadel, this is his biggest victory, capping a tough year.  The worlds is always a crapshoot but he rode smart, but himself in a position to win, and then had the legs to pull away at the end.  Chapeau!

3D glass object - printed with a 3D printerUniversity demonstrates 3D printing with glass.  Wow, how cool is that?

So WebOS 1.2 is out for the Pre!  And I am desperately trying to download it, but Palm's (or Sprint's) servers are overloaded.  Among other things, this is when we get the "real" version of Palm's App Store, including paid applications.  Supposedly there are a bunch of these just waiting to be released; we'll see.

Related: Jamie Zawinski relates a not-so-happy story about how hard it can be to get a Palm app released.  Sigh, and I was so hoping they would be better than Apple at this...


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