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flamenco art (New Yorker 9/14/09)

Saturday,  09/26/09  09:40 AM

from Ruven ... Flamenco art


Saturday,  09/26/09  09:48 AM

Catching up after a  l o n g  week... sorry for the gap.

So the other day I was chatting with a friend, and she asked about Project Q.  Huh, yeah, that...  well I made some progress for a while, back in April, but *sigh* I stopped working on it.  And I was thinking if I had just spend one hour each day working on Q, how great would that have been?  And so I have resolved to spend at least a little time each day on it.  So far so good, but I have made such resolutions before; we'll see how I do with this one.

Have you been following the President Obama / Iran intelligence thing?  So it was recently announced that we know Iran is building nuclear weapons (duh) and also that we knew Iran was building them, even when we said they weren't (duh).  As Powerline notes, "The conclusion seems inescapable that the 2007 NIE on Iran was a deliberately false document that was designed solely to embarrass the Bush administration and undermine its policies toward Iran."  (duh)

Cancellara wins 2009 world TT championshipWow: Cancellara leaves no doubt about who's best against the clock.  He won by 1:27 over a 50km circuit.  Wow.  The more time that passes, the more amazed I am that Contador beat Cancellara in the Tour's ITT.  Either Fabian had an off day - but he did finish second - or Alberto is fast.

Stay tuned for the road worlds tomorrow!  David Millar thinks the winner will have ridden the Vuelta, and I agree.  (My pick, Alejandro Valverde.  Or possibly Cadel Evans.)

The Greatest Show on Earth: The Evidence for EvolutionLGF's book of the week: The Greatest Show on Earth: The Evidence for Evolution.  By Richard Dawkins.  Kindled!

Software puts captions on the real world.  Perhaps the least interesting way to describe augmented reality.  This is going to be so powerful; "captions" barely scratches the surface...


Trizilla flys

Saturday,  09/26/09  10:25 AM

The other day I reported on Midway revisited, but I forgot to mention on another thing I revisited while in downtown San Diego: Trizilla!  Here it is, in dock, resting comfortably:

Trizilla in dock

Oh, and just to get your adrenaline flowing, here's another shot, of the bird in flight:

Trizilla in flight
(please click to enbiggen amazingly)

No pictures can really convey the sheer scale of the thing; that mast, for example, is 180' high.  Standing next to it, I reconfirmed that riding on this beast is one of my life's goals :)  No idea how I'm going to accomplish it, but there it is.


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