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on the road again

Monday,  08/16/10  11:24 PM

Back on the road, back in Vista, back in my stupid little hotel room, and back to not being happy about it.  Had to come down to Vista for some job interviews - did I tell you, Aperio is hiring? - and worst of all 3rd Corner isn't open on Mondays...

An excuse to post the picture: Log Sailing Canoes.  Click through to view the video, too, although it blatantly violates the inverted pyramid rule

Most excellent: Levi Leipheimer wins the Leadville 100 - in record time, too, beating Lance Armstrong's time from last year... 

If you've been following the whole P ≠ NP thing, here's P vs NP for dummies.  I can make it even shorter for you: an NP problem can only be solved by brute force search, whereas P problems have shortcuts

Rupert Murdock is launching a new digital newspaper... for the iPad.  Good luck with that.  "What’s remarkable about this current escapade is that Murdoch is actually proposing to sell a product that people have previously failed to even give away for free.

Did you know?  There was an opening scene from Return of the Jedi which was deleted... and which is now on YouTube.  Darth Vader reaches out to Luke via the force, while Luke finishes his new lightsaber... 

BTW I am delighted with Google's new image search UI, available in Firefox (it's HTML 5), wherein you can scroll down infinitely through multiple pages.  A great innovation. 

Do you Bing?  Apparently a lot of people do... I don't know of anyone who has changed their default search engine to Bing however (at least, anyone who isn't saddled with the Windows default). 

Saturn's Titan: will we find life there?  Yes, please.  I for one would love to find out personally :) 

Here we have the should I skip class today calculator.  Remarkable for its thoroughness, obviously someone skipped class more than once to build it.  [ via Althouse

Women are on Team Aniston.  Me, too :)  Rewatched Office Space recently... best movie ever about Credit Union software. 

An interesting longer post from Glenn Reynolds about men and women and priorities...  "Men care more about making money because making money is important to attracting and keeping women, and determining their status in general. Women don't value money as much, because it's not so important to attracting and keeping men or determining their status. On the other hand, caring - or at least the appearance thereof - is."  The state of the world in a nutshell. 

Stephen Wolfram's Setup.  "By far my #1 tool is Mathematica. Which, of course, I built so I could have it to use! These days I use it not just to compute, but also to keep notes, to create presentations, and to do all sorts of other things. Partly, I figure that the more I actually use Mathematica, the better we'll make it work."  Dogfooding!  [ via Daring Fireball

Onward into the week - have a great one!



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