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Aperio is hiring product people

Sunday,  08/08/10  11:15 AM

I don't like to post too much Aperio-centric stuff on this blog, but here's something that might be interesting to both of us: Aperio is expanding its product team and we are looking for some key product managers and business analysts.  We presently have the following new positions open:

Product Manager, Life Science
Product Manager, Image Analysis
Business Analyst, Healthcare Solutions
Business Analyst, Life Science

If you or anyone you know is interested in any of these positions, please send an email to jobs@aperio.com.  Thanks!

[Update: I am always amazed to see how fast stuff gets picked up on the Internet.  We just posted these openings on our website, and already they've been echoed far and wide, such as this posting on Startuphire.com.  Aperio isn't a startup anymore but we're happy to have our opportunities widely publicized :) ]