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Wednesday,  03/11/09  11:24 PM

My coding deathmarch continues - today I was sequestered away in my office, coding, emerging only for short periods to eat and drink and, um, act human.  More of the same tomorrow, but first a little blogging...

I'm still on East Coast time, feels late.  Well it is late, but it feels later.  Yawn. - shopping online for shoes!So an update on my Endless shopping experiment...  so far the limitations of shopping for shoes without actually being able to try them on have been exposed.  The first pair I ordered didn't fit - just slightly too large - and so I returned them (no muss no fuss free shipping etc), and ordered a second pair, and these didn't fit either, and also they were uglier in real life than they were on the Internet.  So I returned them also, and have now ordered a third pair.  I must say it has been easy - it could be that third times a charm - or that this experiment is endless...  stay tuned.  (Isn't a great name?  Lends itself to endless puns...)

So 3/11; it doesn't quite have the same significance in the U.S. as 9/11, but for Spaniards and Europeans it does; today is the fifth anniversary of the Madrid train station bombing...

Congress has designated March 14 as National Pi Day (π =3.14...).  Good thing they're worrying about the important stuff, eh?  (No word on whether 3PM will be National Pi Hour :)

graph of real GDP decline in various recessionsPowerline puts the recession in context.  "So far, the current recession looks a lot more like the other post-war recessions than the Great Depression. The unique feature of today's economy is not the decline (so far) in GDP, but the financial crisis that has created chaos in our banks."

Rich Karlgaard thinks Washington should stop favoring short sellers.  A rather optimistic take on the current situation, overall, he thinks the economy is better than we think, masked by the banking crisis.  His prescription: 1) Suspend mark-to-market accounting, 2) Make the SEC enforce its own ban against naked shorting, 3) Reinstate the short-uptick rule.  "These are not radical suggestions."

Chrome: frozen page error messageJeff Atwood asks why can't error messages be fun?  Like the one at right; a graphic from Google Chrome for reporting a frozen page...

This makes total sense: Air France and KLM now offer boarding passes on mobile phones.  I can't wait to try it.  I'm sure it is only a matter of time before all airlines offer this.

awesome Brazilian windsurfing videoThe Horse's Mouth links an awesome Brazilian windsurfing video: Lucky Bastards, indeed.  In addition to being lucky, those guys are really good; imagine the practice it takes to be able to pull off these maneuvers on waves in that much wind.  Wow.

Okay, so much for that; I'm off to bed, and I'll see you tomorrow...


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