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Tuesday,  03/10/09  09:45 PM

Blogging at 38,432' high above Pennsylvania, thanks to VirginAmerica my new favorite airline, returning to L.A. from Boston.  This time I even found the power plug - unlimited online computing for 5½ hours, what could be better :)  This was a couldn’t sleep go go go busy day and I am still going; will land around midnight and by the time I get in bed it'll be about 24 hours after I got up.  Whew =O

ArsTechnica: the state of in-flight WiFi.  Now that I've experienced having it, not having it will be really painful.  I would go well out of my way to fly VirginAmerica again.

Ferrari F1 steering wheelWho knew?  Formula One steering wheel user interfaces.  Wow, I had no idea; the entire dashboard (and they are complicated) is in the center of the wheel.  Seems like you could go right off the road playing with all those little dials.

TTAC wants to become a subscription site.  Would I pay $12/year to visit TTAC?  Huh, tough question.  I might.  Currently the only website I can think of which I pay to visit is Salon, and I'm not sure that's worth it...  but I do it.

Panda's Thumb reports in detail on a Richard Dawkins lecture: "The purpose of purpose".  Wish I could have been there, but thanks to this report it feels like I was...

false apology cardsHere we have false apology cards.  Don't like 'em?  I'm sorry you feel that way :)

ZooBorn: newborn GibbonZooBorn of the day: a newborn Gibbon.


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