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Thursday,  03/16/23  09:23 PM

Huh, checking the archive I see I recently passed 3,500 posts.  That's kind of cool.  It's not exactly a "round" number, 5 x 7 x 10 x 10, but it's round-ish.  For those of us with 10 digits it's sufficiently round to mark a moment and trigger some reflection.

Back in January I marked the new year by checking in after 20 years; at that time, I had made 3,406 posts containing 10,771 images, and 24,965 links, of which 912 were back to blog content.

All through that time, as I've enjoyed blogging, I've reflected on why it is fun, and come up with various answers, including introspections on what it means for something to be "fun".  It's definitely fun to look back and see what the world was doing and what I thought about it at previous points in time.  For example, three years ago the world was shutting down!  A time of big change, and who knew what was going to happen. 

(This infographic from Visual Capitalist remains interesting!)

So what comes next?  We have AI coming to the forefront, a big political divide which seems to be getting bigger, concerning financial news, and big social changes partially caused and mostly exacerbated by the pandemic, like hybrid work.  It does feel like things are happening faster; we live in exponential time, for sure.

Anyway I'm going to keep blogging for a bit longer, and hopefully you'll keep reading.  Cheers and onward!


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