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Saturday,  03/14/20  11:51 PM

history of pandemicsAfter a long day of driving and thinking, we make ... a filter pass ...

Wow, so it seems like the whole world has shut down!  Incredible.  Better safe than sorry, I suppose, although it does seem like an extreme reaction given the numbers.  Just about everything is cancelled, everyone is working from home, and we're all waiting it out.  Time will tell...

The infographic at right is from the indispensable Visual Capitalist...

I don't blog about it much, but my company Teladoc Health is at the forefront of telemedicine, which has suddenly been thrust into the spotlight by the virus pandemic.  Telehealth is a great thing anyway, but now that physicians want to treat patients remotely, the volumes are off the charts.

Interesting: A promising hub for Digital Health: Kazakhstan.

Meanwhile: Congress quietly repeals more of Obamacare:

"If nothing else, this episode is a reminder of how Washington works:  First, Congress passes a law setting up an expensive new program along with (if we're lucky) a system to pay for it.  Years later, amid a bipartisan spending binge, those taxes are repealed while the rest of the program remains on the books.  The public barely notices, and the lawmakers involved shrug and move on.  The result is legislation that is fiscally ruinous, but also more popular than it would be if taxpayers were actually made to foot the bill.

Dragon captured by robotic arm of ISSAwesome: SpaceX Dragon spacecraft caught by robotic space station arm for the last time.  "Crew Dragon’s next launch – also its astronaut launch debut – could lift off as early as May 2020, just two months from now."  fXf!

BTW: We simply won't go to Mars without digital health.  Well of course not.  What if there was a virus outbreak en route?

xkcd: Throw Calculator.  Ever wonder how far George Washington could throw a microwave oven?  How about how far Thor could throw Pikachu?  Now you know :)

Nancy Wilson and Eric Tessmer cover Depeche Mode's Policy of TruthCheck this out: Heart's Nancy Wilson and guitarist Eric Tessmer's cover of Depeche Mode's Policy of Truth.  Quite nice :)


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