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home, cooking

Monday,  05/09/11  08:13 PM

It's been nice to be home again for a few days, hang out, reconnect, recharge.  No place like home.

Yesterday was nice; for Mother's Day we did *nothing*... except watch Because I Said So, which might be the ultimate Mother's Day movie :)  It was our first Mother's Day without Shirley's Mom, but it wasn't sad, it was nice; we looked at old photos and talked of old stories and remembered her fondly.

So, what's happening?  Let's see...

Apparently Herman Cain "won" the recent GOP Presidential Candidate debate in South Carolina, but pundits are sneering at him.  Seems like we have a long way to go, it is too early to pick front runners.  And Cain seems like a reasonable guy.  Will have to watch this play out... 

iPad sells out in China in less than four hours.  I guess amateur hour isn't quite over yet :) 

Apropos: What's the iPad's killer app?  Adam Rosen says its The App Store, but I'm not so sure anymore, I now think it might be ease-of-use.  My Mom loves her iPad but I'm certain she has never visited the App Store. 

Inhabitat: Jaguar confirms plans to build hybrid supercar.  Excellent!  (Yes, that is a car story on Inhabitat :) 

The Giro d'Italia started Saturday, the first of 2011's grand tours, and HTC Highroad won the opening TTT putting Marco Pinotti into the maglia rosa of the race leader.  Yesterday Alessandro Petacchi outsprinted Mark Cavendish to take stage 2, and today Angel Vicioso won another sprint in stage 3.  A long way to go with lots and lots of climbing; I think Alberto Contador is the clear favorite. 

SpaceX: Why the US can beat China in Space.  It's not because of the government, it's because of companies like SpaceX.  Excellent! 

The number of living humans who have walked on another world, over time.  Perhaps SpaceX will reverse the trend! 

So that's the reason: Why the New Guy Can't Code.  This happens so often, people pick on interview questions and procedures, but man it is hard to interview.  And those technical interview questions are the best we can do in lieu of IQ tests, which is what we actually need. 

So, should we redistribute grades the way we redistribute income?  It sounds preposterous, but why not... the same logic can apply.  In fact some would say we already do :( 

NR: Jeff Bezos goes nuclear.  Excellent.  We must keep investing in alternative energy, and fusion has so much more potential than wind or solar power to actually replace fossil fuels. 

ZooBorn of the weekend: orphaned Opossum finds happy home.  Awww...



yay, eBay

Monday,  05/09/11  09:10 PM

As you regular readers know I recently switched to a new iPhone, and so did everyone else in my family, and so we had a surplus collection of Palm Pres, Blackberrys, and associated chargers and docks and cases left over.  No problem.  A little eBay-man-ship and poof they are all sold.  The hardest part as usual was the packing and shipping.

As awesome as eBay remains, they have definitely become worse.  The site is now so crufty it is hard to use, with a kazillion little options on everything; creeping featurism.  Simple is good and they are no longer simple.  I also don't like the shipping and payment and return policy stuff, leave that to sellers, please.  And I especially don't like that you can't leave negative feedback anymore; they are actually tinkering with the engine here, and I'm not sure it's going to work.  But all that said I was able to sell all my leftover cellphone crap and have some cash for a few nice bottles of wine as a result :)


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