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Monday,  01/17/11  08:23 PM

Today was the most beautiful day imaginable; I celebrated with a nice ride around Lake Westlake.  I didn't have the time but I did it anyway, and I'm glad I did :)

The Tillerman examines Fairness and Laser sailing.  He is correct, everything is equal except the sails, and this inequality is important.  Still the class remains of a one-design than just about all others, 40 years after it was first started. 

You wasted 34 hours in traffic in 2009.  Good to know.  But with a nice car and a great stereo, maybe it wasn't wasted... 

A video of the Tesla Model S, driving.  I am still wowed. 
Perfect for wasting time in traffic :) 

HTML5 has a logo.  Yay.  There a technical thing called HTML5, but I'm starting to feel there's also a marketing buzzword, which is only loosely related...



the iRoom?

Monday,  01/17/11  08:45 PM

A logical progression:

So what's next?  The iRoom?


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