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Tuesday,  08/24/10  10:11 PM

Home for a day, between trips to Seattle and Vista, and on the phone for most of it :(  although it was good to be home.  Trying to get caught up around here and I find...

The August 2, 2010 issue of the New Yorker was excellent; not only was the cover great, but the contents too; some selected articles:

  • Stuck in MoscowStuck - the incredible badness of Moscow traffic.

  • Letting Go - "what should medicine do when it can't save your life" - poignant and thought-provoking, an important subject...

  • The Scales Fall - "is there any hope for our overfished oceans?" - a tragedy of the commons if ever there was one.

Christopher Hitchens via Ann Althouse: "Tolerance is one of the first and most awkward questions raised by any examination of Islamism."  That's it.  That's why multiculturalism breaks down.  I can tolerate anyone who can tolerate me!

Eat Pray Love - so be itDave Winer reviews Eat Pray Love.  "The most powerful thing you can do to get through all this messy trickery is to first forgive your ghosts."  I'm not strongly tempted to see this, although I like Julia Roberts and I agree with the message.

Scott Adams goes nonlinear: Larger Than the Coolness of Corduroy.  You have to click through.

Ever wonder:  How promiscuous are you?  So I took the quiz, and "based on your response data, you'd be most at home in: Finland, the most promiscuous (#1) of the 48 countries evaluated by the study."  Finland?  Huh.

iPad for digital pathology?I must tell you, my opinion of the iPad is gradually morphing...  it is successful, of course, and to everyone's surprise there isn't a killer app; just a bunch of different things people are figuring out that it is good for...  it might not be good for me - so far, it isn't - but so be it.

PS my friend Gary, who has an extraordinary 20 years' worth of tablet experience, opines "his skepticism about his skepticism is warranted."  Yeah mine too.

Pluto the de-planet-ized planetDid you know?  Four years ago today, Pluto was de-planet-ized.  The Earth didn't stop rotating around the Sun, but it was a big deal.


No Socialists (New Yorker - Aug 2, 2010)

Tuesday,  08/24/10  10:34 PM


I see socialists myself
and they are scary...


buzz kill

Tuesday,  08/24/10  10:51 PM

This is interesting...  from Leo Laporte: Buzz Kill.  In which he noticed that everything he was posting to Google Buzz wasn't actually getting posted, and nobody noticed, not even him!

"Something happened tonight that made me question everything I've done with social media since I first joined Twitter in late 2006...

"It makes me feel like everything I’ve posted over the past four years on Twitter, Jaiku, Friendfeed, Plurk, Pownce, and, yes, Google Buzz, has been an immense waste of time. I was shouting into a vast echo chamber where no one could hear me because they were too busy shouting themselves.

"I should have been posting it here all along. Had I been doing so I’d have something to show for it. A record of my life for the last few years at the very least. But I ignored my blog and ran off with the sexy, shiny microblogs.


Related, from Paul Carr: Thnks Fr Th Mmrs: The Rise Of Microblogging, The Death Of Posterity.

(I must tell you, I love having my archive.  It's like a diary, only linked to the world.)

I honestly think this microblogging stuff is a fad.  An amazingly popular fad - think CB radios - but a fad nonetheless.  We'll see.



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