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at U-dub

Monday,  08/23/10  11:01 PM

Woke up this morning in Seattle, at the beautiful Alexis Hotel downtown, got up (yawn), worked out (gasp), ate breakfast (yum), and drove up to Bellingham to meet with a client (wow what a beautiful drive!):

this picture does not fully capture the green and blue, wow

After an equally beautiful drive back, a visit to the University of Washington, aka U-dub, with Alexis...

we are here

our guide explains; statue of George Washington, "red square", that is a library, not a cathedral

the UW campus is stunning; note Mt. Raineer beyond the fountain

Husky stadium!

"the quad" is the main road down campus, lined with greenery and buildings

Alex was pretty impressed - a great place to spend four years learning and playing

a sample of campus life :)

And then ... off again, back home; the whole trip seemed a bit of a dream...

Mt. Raineer towers over the landscape; it doesn't look real, does it?


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