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Thursday,  09/03/09  09:17 PM

I continue to be frazzled; busy days and long days, my earlier proclamations about not drowning and surfacing and keeping my head above water were reckless precelebration.  When you have too much on your plate, eating as fast as you can is not the answer; the only solution is to give food away or trash it.

Anyway, you don't care about that, you care about this...

(Oh, and thank you for your emails agreeing with my Televisions Everywhere post.  You hate them too; the audience for my blog is definitely not the target demographic for all those TVs...)

Something to bring a smile to your face; the landing at the lake, filled with kids in sabots.  Took this picture while riding around the lake, something I don't do often enough anymore.  I tell myself that I'm too busy, but that's a lie; I feel too busy, but I know I'm not; time spent riding is virtually free.  A bad spin cycle. 

I sometimes save old posts in my RSS reader, just because I like them.  I've saved Summer all summer.  Can't delete it yet.  Maybe in October :) 

Here's the perfect solution to reducing the cost of space travel: Send astronauts on a one-way trip to Mars.  It's genius when you think about it.  Not only do you save the cost of the return trip, but not having to carry the fuel etc. for the return trip saves cost on the outbound trip, too.  Sure, there will be fewer who will be interested, but there will be some who will, and that's all you need.  Personally I would be willing to make a one-way trip to Titan... 

Not really news: Men lose their minds speaking to pretty women.  That pretty much explains my married life :) 

Here's some important news you might have missed: IKEA have switched their default font from Futura to Verdana.  Seems Futura is designed for print, while Verdana is designed for online presentation; using either for both is a design faux pas.  Clearly the precursor to a relentless dive to the bottom, in which they sacrifice quality and design for price.  What cracks me up about this debate is that we're talking about IKEA here...  [ via Daring Fireball, who is not amused :] 

Dave Winer loves his Sony Walkman.  And wants you to know why it is better than his iPod.  "The Walkman has lots of nice features, but it's nicest feature is that it's really simple.That is the buzz. 

Wired Autopia lives the wet dream at the wheel of an Aston Marton One-77.  They are pretty cool, but I don't think they're that cool; somehow exclusive is good, really exclusive is better, but unknowably exclusive is ... worse.  I tried this idea out on Shirley, the closest thing we could think of to cars for me was shoes for her, and she said "as long as I liked them, it wouldn't matter".  Huh.  I must admit, that engine is nice :) 

Here we have some Delightful Crosswalk Sign Alterations.  I love the one labeled "reboot universe".  Too bad most crosswalk buttons are placebos...



stop asking (New Yorker, 08/10/09)

Thursday,  09/03/09  10:44 PM

gets back to the nature of why


JPL or Mordor?

Thursday,  09/03/09  10:53 PM

My colleague's brother works at JPL in Pasadena;
with the Station Fire on the hills behind the complex, it looks like Mordor



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