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TDF stage 2 / flat: Cavendish! a classic field sprint >>>


Saturday,  07/04/09  10:57 PM

I came across this picture somewhere and I like it, so I thought I'd post it.  I don't know who it is or where it was taken, but somehow it just epitomizes "summer".  Girl in bikini, tropical drink, chaise lounge, beach, ocean, sun; it's all there but just kind of hinted at...  the feeling is great though.  I can mentally put myself into this picture very easily :) 


Another picture with a nice feeling is this one, of a Hobie 16 sitting on a beach, waiting for fun...  this has a quiet relaxed quality to it, like that boat is always going to be there, ready whenever for a nice sail off to the horizon.  I can mentally put myself into this picture very easily, too, and that sawgrass is wonderful :) 


A little bit less relaxed: the announcement of Alinghi's new America's Cup "yacht"; looks like a 90' Hobie Cat.  It will presumably race against Oracle's Trizilla, in a match which can only be described as bizarre.  Still, can I get a ride, please?