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idiocracy revisited

Thursday,  07/02/09  09:57 PM


from the most-excellent xkcd
except everything you just said was wrong


Thursday,  07/02/09  10:29 PM

Ah... not a great day.  Rather unproductive - still struggling with a dead end on a coding project - and didn't ride, and had a  homeowner's association meeting tonight.  And ate too much.  Etc.  I believe I need some Jumilla.  But first...

Instapundit notes the press are desperately seeking silving linings.  "The actual news has gotten worse, but the coverage of it has changed in tone.  Today, reporters are eagerly looking for the light at the end of the tunnel.  A year ago, and for a long time before that, they couldn't wait to get into the tunnel."  Of course, "reporters" have long ago stopped reporting.

unemployment rates: real vs predictedPowerline adds some detail: a miserable failure, and published the graph at right.  Unemployment isn't the only measure of the recovery plan's success, but it is pretty important.  I think the plan is actually icing companies that would otherwise hire....

TDF news: Alexander Vinokourov wants to rejoin Astana.  Unbelievable, and yet... he founded that team, recruited the sponsors, and was its leader for two years.  He has to take responsibility for his doping positive during the 2007 tour, but he's served his two years, [I guess] is now clean, and could come back.  How weird would it be to see Lance and Vino side-by-side in Astana kit?  Back in 2007 you would have bet millions against that ever happening :)

Delft University's Nuon solor carWired's Autopia reports Solar Racing Champs Roll Out New Car.  "Delft University is the Brawn GP of solar-car racing, an outfit so singularly successful that it has won the World Solar Challenge four times in a row.  The Dutch team is back with its newest car, Nuna 5, and has its sights set on a fifth title when the checkered flag drops later this year."  Totally cool design in both an aesthetic and functional sense...

Bugatti Veyron convertibleAnd at the other end of the spectrum, Wired reviews the Bugatti Veyron convertible, a car for the ages.  Not only gas powered, but generating over 1,000 horsepower to go 250mph.  Beautiful.  My favorite part of their review is this: Wired: best car in the world.  Tired: no cupholder.

I have a question: why is everyone so obsessed with whether Apple will allow porn in iPhone apps?  Like every smartphone, the iPhone has a browser, and like every browser, it can access thousands of porn sites all over the Internet.  This ship has sailed.  Do we really have to worry about it anymore?

ZooBorn: baby wildebeestZooBorn of the day: a baby wildebeest.


Jumilla sunset

Thursday,  07/02/09  10:45 PM


Jumilla sunset

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