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Monday,  06/08/09  10:15 PM

Had a crummy day at work (todo list longer now than when I woke up many hours ago) and have some people / process issues to work through... this stuff would be so much easier without other people :)  Did manage to get in a ride - a really slow careful one, as certain parts of me are still in recovery mode from the double Saturday - and had a nice dinner with my friend / colleague Nick...

PS some of you asked about clothing on the snow day, well, I knew I was going to be facing crummy weather so I bought a long sleeved fleece jersey, and that pretty much saved me.  Along with full finger gloves and a hat.  (Although if I'd known I would have been riding in snow I probably would have worn ski pants and a parka :)

Critical Section Kindle edition!Did you know you can read this very blog on your Kindle? Yep... has a program whereby you can register to publish your blog for Kindle readers, and so I did.  Unfortunately for both of us you have to pay to read it ($2/month, which is why zero people have done so :)  So it is a dancing bear, cool but not useful.

Tim Bray echoes John Gruber on whether physical keyboards are necessary on smartphones.  Judging by the number of iPhones sold the answer is no, judging by the number of Blackberries sold, the answer is yes :)  It comes down to why you have the device I guess.  I want a Pre, which has the best of both!

Apple WWDC - iPhone 3GS announced with 50,000 application available for it...Today was Apple's WWDC, Steve Jobless, and Phil Schiller announced a bunch of cool stuff including a new MacBook, OS 10.6 (aka "Snow Leopard"), and a faster iPhone and an old cheaper iPhone.  To me the key iPhone stat now is the staggering number of applications which have been written for it as a development platform.  I really didn't see that coming, and at this point it is Apple's key advantage over anything else, no matter how cool the hardware... pretty much the same sort of monopoly that Microsoft's enjoyed with Windows.

Jeff Atwood: Unix is dead, long live Unix.  "So, yes, I'm a fan of Unix.  And I'm also a fan of Windows.  I think it's worth studying what both are getting right and wrong, because as a programmer, I'm a fan of whatever the heck works."  I agree with the philosophy, but I'm not a fan of Windows for the same reason :)

BTW wasn't it great when real programmers had real beards?  I had one myself :)

Scott "Dilbert" Adams: Happy Negative Christmas.  "I just invented a new holiday.  It's called Negative Christmas.  On this day, rather than giving gifts, you can force a family member or friend to discard one item that he or she already owns.  The selected item might be a hideous shirt that you consider an abomination, or that pair of bedroom slippers that are an insult to all footwear.  The idea is that the unrecipient should be better off without the item you ungift."  I love it.

As I think about it this sort of happens at my house; come June, Shirley goads the kids into giving away all the clothes they no longer want or which no longer fit, in preparation for summer (when they wear "other stuff") and next fall (when they buy new stuff).

LiveKick - a ticket / concert search engineLiveKick is the ticket to finding your favorite concerts.  Now that is a business plan, you can totally see this filling a need...

ZooBorns: Panda cubs growing in size and cuteness :)ZooBorns of the day: those little Panda cubs are growing in size and cuteness!


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