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where is everyone?

Friday,  01/30/09  08:13 AM

broken pipe?Gak!  Got up this morning, checked my referer logs, and there were five referrals overnight.  Where is everyone?  Usually I have at least a couple hundred, sometimes as many as five hundred.  Did the pipes break and I didn't get the memo?

(I guess if the Internet was broken, how would we know?)


Friday,  01/30/09  09:46 AM

A little Friday night blogging action...  getting ready for a big week, Aperio's annual sales meeting down in Vista, kicked off by a nice ride up Palomar mountain tomorrow with some of my out-of-town colleagues who are also cyclists.  Should be really fun.  And then on Sunday, a Super party at which we will eat, drink, and oh yeah watch the Cardinals eek out a win over the Steelers.

So I asked "where is everyone?" and nobody responded.  I am alone?

Update on my weird disaster which you will remember has disabled my trusty Kestrel road bike - it is in the process of being repaired.  Meanwhile I continue to dream of an Orca.  I will rent / demo / experiment this coming week to learn more and possibly talk myself into / outof buying a new bike.  Stay tuned...

shrinking girl scout cookiesThis is a bad trend: Girl Scout cookies shrink with the economy.  In these times you have to offer more value, not less, in order to be successful.  Baaad marketing.

Aston Martin RapideNote this before - TTAC has official pics of the Aston Martin Rapide...  Along with the Porsche Panamerica, new entrants in the "sports sedan" catagory created by Maserati with the Quattroporte.  I still think the Maser is the prettiest, although the Aston definitely beats the Porsche.

An oldie but goodie: Steve Jobs, the Rolling Stone interview (from 2003).  Really amazing how Steve / Apple have executed on their vision.  We didn't all see it then, but we sure see it now :)

As expected, Google Chrome growth slows to a crawl.  Expected?  Yeah, maybe.  I guess all the early adopters have it now, and the chasm hasn't [yet] been crossed...

Burbank airportScott Loftesness notes Burbank Airport - frozen in time?  I must tell you I love Burbank (aka Bob Hope) and fly out of there whenever I can.  Definitely the most convenient airport in Southern California.  And yeah, it is pretty cool, in a kitchy 50s way...

the (extinct) Ibex!And how cool is thisExtinct Ibex resurrected by cloning.  Wow.  On the science and technology front, life today is like living in a movie.  Jurrassic Park, anyone?


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