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Wednesday,  04/09/08  10:57 PM

Yet another good day for me - how boring, huh?  (And why is it that other people's travails are more interesting than their successes?  I don't know, but I know it is so; I'll try to work up a nice disaster for you.)  Day three in the new Aperio office was excellent.  In this environment if we can't be productive it won't be due to the facility.

This is pretty interesting, The Scientist reports First Cancer Vaccine Approved in Russia.  "A New York-based biotech company announced today (April 8) that it has received approval for the first therapeutic cancer vaccine -- in Russia. It is the first approval by a regulatory body of a cancer immunotherapy."  Wow.  I wonder if this heralds a day where biotech companies launch first outside the U.S. and EU, as a sort of advanced clinical trial?  Stay tuned... 

Also from The Scientist: Heading for the Big Time, a solid overview of the caBIG initiative.  Aperio is watching this closely because researchers want digital pathology images to be part of this network.

This just really struck home for me; an elderly gentlemen who for years has called his late wife's voicemail just to hear her voice.  Isn't that just so sad, and yet so sweet?  Would I do this?  I believe I would... 



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