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Thursday,  04/10/08  10:26 PM

John McCain with Condoleezza RiceFrom CNN: poll suggests McCain - Rice ticket could win big.  Yes, please.

On the other hand, a National Health System is not polling well: 29% favor national health insurance.  No, please.

Georgie Hincapie gets ready for Paris RoubaixI'm getting mentally ready for Paris-Roubaix, how about you?  My money's on George Hincapie to finally, finally, pull it off.  As I watched him win the final stage of the Tour of California - in the rain - I thought "this guy is ready", and reading this interview in Velonews confirms my opinon.  Of course luck plays a part; in 2005 George was this close but broke his stem just before finishing.

history of my blog - why I deleted my Twitter accountI'll be the four millionth blogger to link cartoonist Hugh LcLeod: why I deleted my Twitter account.  Of course, I've never had a Twitter account, and have a curious lack of desire to open one...  interesting too is the contrast he draws between 2005 and 2006.  I've noticed that too; the blogosphere has become increasingly inwardly focused; Twitter is just the endpoint of that trend.

Alfa Romeo 169I'm linking this TTAC post about Alfa-Romeo as an excuse to run a picture of the rumored Alfa 169, which may use the new Jaguar XF platform.  Wow.  This is the only car I've seen that rivals the Maserati GT.  It's like comparing two beautiful women, it's fun to compare, but in the end they're both beautiful.

Phobos!I'm not used to getting space news from CNet, but whatever: Orbiter's close-ups of Martian moon Phobos.  "NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter used its High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE) camera to take the sharpest images ever of the Martian moon Phobos, though previous spacecraft have swung closer to the moon for more detailed images. Scientists were able to add color and combine the photographs to make a 3D image of the terrain."  Excellent.  Sci-fi movies are gradually being replaced by reality :)




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