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Ferrari 250GT Competizione Berlinetta

Thursday,  04/03/08  01:27 PM

There are two kinds of people in the world, those who think vintage Ferraris are awesome, and those who don't.  If you are in the latter category please click "back" and resume your web surfing.  If you are in the former category, welcome to the club and read on...

So I'm in my dentist's office waiting and I pick up an issue of Road & Track, and I see there is an article about the Ferrari 250GT Competizione Berlinetta, written by Tim Considine.  And it sucked me right in. 

"I've died and gone to heaven", is all I could think.  Trees flew past in a blur on either wide of one of New Hampshire's forested back roads.  I looked past the classic wooden Nardi wheel, through a short wraparound windshield and over the long, silver hood covering a screaming 12-cylinder Maranello masterpiece reaching full song.  Six open stacks sucking air, chain-spun camshafts opening and closing 24 valves, hand-lapped transmission gears whining in harmony and barely muffled exhausts howling - a virtuoso mechanical symphony.

Oh, Tim, you had me at screaming 12-cylinder Maranello masterpiece.

Ferrari 250GT Competizione Berlinetta

Anyway I loved this article and have scanned it for your reading pleasure.  A mechanical symphony indeed!


Thursday,  04/03/08  10:13 PM

Quite a day - Aperio is moving!  Will the network come up at the new location?  Will the servers survive their 1/2 mile trip across Vista?  Stay tuned - and keep your appendages perpendicular.

I had a bad day, thanks for asking.  Tense, irritable, unproductive.  Badness.  I tried to get out of my funk by riding Rockstore, but it didn't help.  (I did do it in 1:46, not bad but not my best.)

Meanwhile the world pays no attention and goes on with its life...

This is so excellent; The ROQ of the 80s.  I totally listened to KROQ in the 80s, this is like coming home.  They just played Careless Memories by Duran Duran and just now Dead Man's Party from Oingo Boing is starting.  (More volume, Scotty.  Aye Aye, Captain.)  Wow, I love the Internet!  [ via Blogging.LAUpdate: Walking on the Moon, Police.  Update2: Radio, Radio, Elvis Costello.  {How ironic is that?  Too bad they won't play TVC15 but that would be too old...  but they could play Channel Z...}  Update3: Blue Jean, David Bowie.  Update4: Head over Heels, Tears for Fears.  This stuff is great!

Instapundit debunks some myths; Humphrey Bogart never said, "play it again, Sam," Captain Kirk never uttered, "Beam me up, Scotty" -- and John McCain never promised a hundred year war!

And my favorite: George Bush never refused to sign Kyoto.  The U.S. Senate voted unanimously against the treaty when Bill Clinton was president.  You could look it up, if you weren't a journalist.

Karl Rove is interviewed in GQ.  (I am not making this up.)  "To be with Rove is to listen to a man who is utterly articulate and insightful and at the same time utterly…what's the word? Plain? ... In what ways is he cool? We can't help but ask. 'None,' he says. 'I am the antithesis of cool.'"  I'm sorry, but that's cool.

the singles mapGoing against stereotype: L.A. has more men than women, and N.Y. has more women than men.  Huh.  The diagram at right has more detail.  How did we end up with so many guys on the West Coast?  This can't be right, can it? 
Maybe I should move to Memphis :)
[via Ann Althouse ]

The headline of the day: Apple passes Wal-Mart, now #1 music retailer in US.  Wow.  That's just about all I can say.

I reviewed the iTunes Music Store in April 2003, right after it launched.  My conclusion: As soon as you see it, you'll say "this is the way online music should work".  Good call.

You might not be following the kerfuffle about Adobe’s announcement that the next Photoshop will be 64-bit for Windows, but 32-bit on the Mac, but it is kind of interesting. It has to do with the APIs, Adobe uses Carbon not Cocoa, and only Cocoa is 64-bit on the Mac. John Gruber posted a nice rundown of the situation.

The biggest issue for Adobe is that migrating from 32-bit to 64-bit is a lot easier than migrating from Carbon to Cocoa. (Especially since Carbon is a lot more platform neutral, so there is probably code shared between the Windows and Mac versions on Carbon that will now have to become separated.) I don’t think Apple did this deliberately – they have as much to gain from Adobe’s continued support of the Mac platform as Adobe – it just shows the unintended consequences of these architectural decisions.

Tim Bray on Twitter: "I think that with Twitter, something important is happening. But I’m having trouble figuring out what".  John Gruber linked this too, implying that he feels the same way.  Me, too.  Some of this stuff comes and goes and I never paid attention with no downside. But I came late to RSS, at first I didn't get it and thought aggregators were dumb, and now I don’t remember how I ever got along without it.  I can't even tell yet whether Twitter is in the former category or the latter.

From Gerard Vanderleun: Take a break.  "I don't care who you are or what you're doing, this will be one of the best 5 minute segments of your day.It was, thank you.


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