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Ferrari 250GT Competizione Berlinetta

Thursday,  04/03/08  01:27 PM

There are two kinds of people in the world, those who think vintage Ferraris are awesome, and those who don't.  If you are in the latter category please click "back" and resume your web surfing.  If you are in the former category, welcome to the club and read on...

So I'm in my dentist's office waiting and I pick up an issue of Road & Track, and I see there is an article about the Ferrari 250GT Competizione Berlinetta, written by Tim Considine.  And it sucked me right in. 

"I've died and gone to heaven", is all I could think.  Trees flew past in a blur on either wide of one of New Hampshire's forested back roads.  I looked past the classic wooden Nardi wheel, through a short wraparound windshield and over the long, silver hood covering a screaming 12-cylinder Maranello masterpiece reaching full song.  Six open stacks sucking air, chain-spun camshafts opening and closing 24 valves, hand-lapped transmission gears whining in harmony and barely muffled exhausts howling - a virtuoso mechanical symphony.

Oh, Tim, you had me at screaming 12-cylinder Maranello masterpiece.

Ferrari 250GT Competizione Berlinetta

Anyway I loved this article and have scanned it for your reading pleasure.  A mechanical symphony indeed!

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