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Tuesday,  03/25/08  11:06 PM

Crazy long day - started at 4:00 with the alarm waking me to go down to Vista, and ended with me blogging, er, now.  In between many meetings, some debugging, a metric ton of email, and a job interview.  Oh, and a bike ride :)

American Digest notes Hugo Chavez "endorses" John McCain.  "Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, a socialist and fierce U.S. critic, warned on Tuesday that relations with Washington could worsen if Republican candidate John McCain wins this year's presidential election.... "Sometimes one says, 'worse than Bush is impossible,' but we don't know," Chavez told foreign correspondents. "McCain also seems to be a man of war.""  A tough endorsement to win :)

Jaguar XFIt finally happened!  Tata Motors buys Jaguar and Land Rover for $2.65B.  So be it.  Maybe once divorced from Ford these storied and differentiated brands can find their way again.  It has worked so far for Aston Martin.

The Vista train wreck continues: Microsoft succeeds in making Vista even worse.  Believe it or not, this is good news. The worse Vista gets, the better the chance that XP will be supported longer :)

Brahm Cohen on Smooth Traffic, links some bad advice: "1) Maintain a large space ahead of your car, 2) Encourage one, two even three cars to merge ahead of you, 3) If traffic slows to a complete stop, keep two car lengths of space open ahead of you."  This is exactly wrong

As I commented on the post: The most efficient thing to do is to tailgate, and try to make your acceleration match the car ahead of you as closely as possible. It might be nerve wracking but it is the best for the cars behind you. Since this is an algorithmic task which is repetitive and fatiguing, it should be delegated to machines.

kitten: I love dotMaximum cute overload; this kitten's fur says "I love dot".  Awww...

never say never :)I hate it when this happens.  Never say never :)

Mark Pilgrim on the Awesome Bar.  "The new location bar in Firefox 3 is growing on me. For several days, the beta 4 AwesomeBar picked the 'wrong' history items for single- or double-character queries — where by 'wrong', I mean 'unexpected'. But to the credit of the tenacious Mozilla developers, the bar in the nightlies seems to learn quickly and adjust to my habits... I was skeptical, but count me as an AwesomeBar convert."  I've had a similar experience; I didn't like it, but I used it, and then suddenly I liked it a lot :)


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