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Monday,  03/24/08  10:19 PM

I guess this Jeremiah Wright thing really has legs; at first I thought Obama's speech would put the whole thing behind him - and us - and I saluted him for dealing with it straightforwardly, but as I scan the blogosphere the discussion goes on and on...  This has got to hurt him, in November if not vs. Clinton.  And Clinton is floundering too, committing unforced errors.  Can it really be that the Dems are going to lose?  That would be a choke of unprecedented proportions.

Saturn and Titan from CassiniCassini continues to delight us all with spectacular pictures of Saturn and Titan; check this one out!  Doesn't it just look like a scene from a movie?  Imagine looking out the window of your spacecraft and seeing that...  It just whets my appetite; I can't wait to visit :)

Apparently there are Signs of Hidden Ocean Underneath Titan's Crust.

Word association: I read Powerline's headline "hey nineteen" and knew immediately what it was about.  You probably did too.  Weird isn't it that those two words, penned 28 years ago, would be so evocative?  I can not only hear the song, but feel the way I felt that summer...

Interesting discussion of housing prices on Instapundit.  "Prices have been falling for months, yet some people have strangely decided to start buying houses? Who in the world could possibly explain this bizarre phenomenon?"  Heh.  Indeed.

Fujitsu 300GB 7200rpm driveI try not to gadget blog too much - you can subscribe to Engadget as well as I can - but this is an object of my desire: Fujitsu announces a 300GB notebook drive spinning at 7200rpm.  I want one, please.

Important work: Scientists Discover Secret Sex Nerve.  I would be happy to participate in further research if they need volunteers for clinical studies...  oh wait...  I guess I am already participating in such a study :)

This is classic: Brad Feld loves LISP.  I have a box of parenthesis in the garage myself, just waiting for the day when I need them again.  Elegant weapons indeed.


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