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Thursday,  03/06/08  09:41 PM

Back in the saddle, herding my cats... 

In case you're wondering, this is not me: Eichhorn announces Senate bid.  Not yet, anyway.  And this is not me either: Eichhorn strikes out sixteen.  Not anymore, anyway :)

You won't often get a TV show recommendation from me, because I don't often watch TV, period.  But I watched The Sara Connor Chronicles and I loved it.  Instapundit reports, of the show, "I'll be back".  Of course it will :) 

This caught Engadget's eye, and mine too; Maxell to no longer manufacture discs.  I love the iconic ad picture at left; I remember it from 25 years ago, too.  That looks exactly like my friend Mark, listening to Styx' Castle Walls... 

BIG news today from Apple; the iPhone SDK.  Seems like they did just about everything anyone wanted, and they maintained control via exclusive distribution.  Pretty nice.  Oh, and the $100M Kleiner Perkins VC fund is pretty amazing.  Seems like they are totally poised to become a platform. 

Daring Fireball: First Impressions and Questions.  "I was wrong. There was never any question that this is a big market, the question was whether Apple wanted a part of it. The answer, clearly, is yes."

Fake Steve Jobs: Happy Now, Bitches? "Seriously, folks, it's game over. This announcement today is as big as the announcement of the original Macintosh in 1984."  Hmmm...

Gerard Vanderleun comments: "Today I settled all family business" :)

Nothing to see here: Physicists successfully store and retrieve nothing.  Truth is stranger than Onion. 


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