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Sunday,  05/22/11  05:14 PM

recharging!Whew... today was my first day home since ... (checks calendar) last Sunday.  Only a week?  Wow seems much longer ago than that, I guess it was a long week :)  Atlanta - Philadelphia - Baltimore - and then home only to visit Solvang and then Mount Baldy.  So be it.  And so I was home today, recharging, and will have a nice chance to work from home tomorrow before heading down to Vista for a "normal" week of work down there.  Maybe someday I'll actually be home for a while, but in the meantime, it's all happening...

Chris Horner and Levi Leipheimer celebrate finishing one-two at the ATOCSo did you enjoy the Amgen Tour of California?  It was great that Chris Horner won, great that Radio Shack finished one-two with Levi Leipheimer, and great that Tom Danielson finished third (an ex-Discovery rider so sort of a Radio Shack alum).  But having so many Americans at the top made it seem a bit less important, especially with the Giro taking place at the same time (where Alberto Contador is dominating in an incredibly tough Tour, by the way).  It will be interesting to see what the organizers do with this race; the move from February to May has not been entirely great.  Stay tuned!

I will say it was pretty cool watching stage 8 on Versus, seeing the riders cruising through my home town of Thousand Oaks.  I missed seeing them climb Balcom Canyon though ... well, next year!

On the value of negative space.  I find this is amazingly true; you begin new software with a clean design, controls nicely spaced, and after a while new stuff just encrusts the interface.  Still what can you do - you add new stuff, and you need new controls.  As with most design there is no silver bullet, just tough decisions.  This paragraph was intentionally indented just to give your eyes a little rest :)

Patagonia, Chile, one of the world's most surreal landscapesHere we have the world's most surreal landscapes.  Aka, places I would love to visit :)

Huh, do you think this can work?  Sonar shows you the most relevant people in the room.  I guess they can figure out the relationship between you and everyone else using Sonar, but that's going to be, like, one person.  A tough chicken-and-egg thing to get rolling.

ZooBorn: a teeny otterZooBorn of the weekend: a teeny otter.  Yeah I know I've posted lots of otters, but man, is he cute :)

So what do you think, about ... Browsers without address bars?  To me this is a little like displaying files without extensions.  I want the geek info.  But then again, I'm a geek!

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