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Monday,  05/16/11  10:57 PM

downtown Atlanta at nightYes, I am 'on the road again', in Atlanta!  Yay.  And tomorrow Philly, and Wednesday Baltimore, and Thursday ... home.  But first a bit 'o bloggin'...

Just gonna say, loving the iPhone's camera, especially including its HDR mode.  Check out the pic at right (click to enbiggen); that's pretty phenomenal for a cellphone.

Cenay Bluetooth Cabernet - pairs nicely with anything :)So tonight had a nice pre-seminar dinner with my Aperio team; we chose a Cabernet called Cenay from the Bluetooth vineyard.  Paired perfectly with our meal :)

Today the next-to-last shuttle mission rocketed into orbit.  Yay.  And nobody even gives a second thought about the complexity of these missions, and that they "just work".  Wow.

iPhone picture of Shuttle Endeavor launch, taken from a jetCheck out this amateur iPhone picture of the launch - taken from a jet!  WOW.

Early stimulus results: 450, 000 state jobs created, 1,000,000 private sector jobs destroyed.  Oy.  Lasting damage too, since those government jobs are hard to eradicate.

Horace Dediu wonders did Microsoft buy the wrong Skype?  Aka, did they buy the company for the wrong reason, and hence pay the wrong price.  A great question.  Truly the business model was the core of Skype's success.

The Tour of California started today, a day late, and with an abbreviated stage moved from Incline to Nevada City.  I feel horrible for the organizers, they've had such crummy luck with the weather.  Hopefully the race will improve toward the end of the week.  I'm planning to watch the Solvang ITT in person on Friday - stay tuned - and then watch the Mount Baldy stage in person on Saturday after riding up it myself with my friend Tim - stay tuned!

Okay, off to bed work.  (yawn)

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