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Thursday,  05/19/11  06:23 PM

tunnel vision at Dulles airportWhew, what a day... it began at 2:30AM EST with a fire alarm at my hotel in Baltimore - yeah, picture all the hotel guests in sweats, standing in the parking lot in the rain, watching the fire trucks arrive - and continued with my participation in another seminar (went great); then off home (yay) except I went to Baltimore airport instead of Dulles, and it was a good thing my flight was delayed by 90 minutes or I would have missed it.  Whew.  And so now I am on that flight, heading home (yay) and blogging.

I took about a kazillion pictures on this trip; using my iPhone as my camera seems to have me taking more pictures.  I'm loving the HDR mode, that helps amazingly, but more than anything it is so convenient to take a picture anytime anywhere of anything.  Of course that means more editing, but that's what long flights are for :)

colored e-paper is here!Wow, colored e-paper is becoming a reality.  What will they think of next.  I can see this in a next generation Kindle, can't you?

LinkedIn went public today, and appears to have popped nicely.  Congratulations to my ex-colleague Reid Hoffman on an incredible success.  Wonder if this will pave the way for more IPOs, or herald a bubble?  Stay tuned.

This is so sad: Cyclist Tyler Hamilton turns over his medal, after confessing to having doped.  And then accused Lance Armstrong.  I don't know the truth of all these allegations against Lance, but I wish they didn't always come when teammates confess to doping themselves.

Lance's reply to Tyler's allegationsLance Tweeted "congratulations to Eki Ekimov on his third gold medal" (Ekimov took the silver in 2004).  And his reply as posted to his Facebook page is at right.

First Apple, and now IBM is worth more than Microsoft.  Wonder if Oracle will be next?

Okay, back to photo editing :)  I am SO looking forward to being home - I'm going to watch the Sierra Road stage of the ATOC with Shirley - and then tomorrow we're heading up to Solvang to watch the time trials.  *That* will be fun.  Stay tuned!

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