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going viral

Sunday,  04/26/20  11:02 PM

going viral!Hi all sorry for the gap.  I've been ... busy.  Telemedicine is going viral, my company's business along with it, and it has been wild...

The doctor will Zoom you now.  Except that Zoom is insecure and not integrated with health systems, so ... the Teladoc will see you now :)

what we all should be doing right nowThere is confusion about what we all should be doing.  This video clears it all up.  The pandemic has been good for satire :)

Apropos: How to be absurdly wrong with no consequences.  The early dramatic predictions of medical disaster have been dramatically wrong.

Did you know?  The overall US death rate is at a multi-year low.

the international Covid-19 scoreboard (4/26/20)From Horace Dedieu: the Covid-19 International Dashboard.  A great way to see how things are going.

Supercool from Deep Mind: Specification gaming.  "Specification gaming is a behaviour that satisfies the literal specification of an objective without achieving the intended outcome."  A key issue in AI, machines are great at figuring out how to cheat :)

iPad split screen - not a good ideaCan I just say, the iPad OS split-screen usability is a complete travesty.  I can?  Good, because I just did.  How a company like Apple that prides itself on usability let this out of the barn is a mystery.  I have never met anyone who likes it, or who can even explain how it is supposed to work.  I finally figured out how to disable it, which was a huge relief because I kept ending up with split screens by mistake.

One of my new favorite blogs is The Discoverer; a recent post: Every US National Park, ranked.  #1 is predictably Yosemite, but can you name #2?  And how many of the 61 have you visited?  Great stuff...

Ze Frank: if the Earth gave Earth Day awardsZe Frank: if the Earth gave Earth Day awards.  Excellent!

Human spaceflight is returning to America!  Mark your calendars: May 27 is the planned launch of the Crew Dragon to the ISS.  What a day that will be, cannot wait.

News I definitely can use: How to cut your hair at home.  The experiment will probably be performed; stay tuned.

Dassault Falcon = $3,000/hourNews I wish I could use: Here's what it really costs to own or charter a private jet.  This article delivers the goods; at the end is a table of the hourly rates for everything from a Cirrus Vision to an Airbus A380.  I've always like the Dassault Falcons (cute little trijets); they cost $3,000/hour.  So be it.

Onward... hope you are hanging in there, and see you [here] soon...


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