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Adventures in Perception

Thursday,  02/06/20  11:29 PM

M.C.Escher at workIn 1971 Dutch filmmaker Han Van Gelder captured the artistic incredible process of M.C.Escher in the 20 minute documentary entitled "Adventures in Perception".  Sooo cool.

I think "adventures in perception" would be a great tagline for my blog :)

quantum entanglement for babiesHeh; this book actually exists - apparently it's a good overview of "quantum action at a distance".  I love the picture, either the kid or the Dad could be me :)

So... does quantum entanglement really exist?  Or is it a phenomenon which is "only" perceptual?

Shelly Palmer: How do you see the Future?  "It’s not a game. It’s a test. And your answers are your future."  A great framework for understanding what you believe.

Waaay back in April 2016 - before Trump was elected, or taken seriously as a Presidential candidate - Bernie Sanders suggested that low voter turnout among poor people hurt our democracy.  He was right about differential voting rates between economic classes, but is that good or bad?  Maybe from his perspective as an ardent Socialist, it's bad.  But from my perspective, I think wealthier people are more intelligent (causation actually runs the other way), and hence more likely to understand candidates and issues and make good decisions for everyone.  What do you believe?

3D-printed prosthetic legBertie Mesko: The finest examples of brilliant healthcare design.  "It’s unbelievable how positively simple and thoughtful healthcare design can impact patients’ healing process!"

Of course I have to note - though Bertie did not - that telehealth is a great experience for patients and often does help their healing process.

da Vinci's Viola organista is brought to lifeAleteia: After 500 years, Leonardo da Vinci's music machine is brought to life.  "His marvelous Viola organista sounds like a chamber orchestra due to its design."  Please click through to the video, it's well worth a listen...



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