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0202 2020

Sunday,  02/02/20  08:46 PM

super groundhog dayHappy Super Groundhog Day!  Winners today included the Chiefs - yay - and not the 49ers - double yay - as well as Jeep, who's remake of Groundhog day with Bill Murray, a groundhog, and the new Jeep Gladiator stood out as the best commercial.

I know, "your majesty, there is no second", but if I had to pick it was the Walmart commercial featuring space travelers from various movies.  That was pretty great.

Oh, and the halftime show?  Meh.  Not a good place for strippers in my opinion, I prefer musical acts.  Best ever was Tom Petty (2008) though Lady Gaga was great (2017) as were U2 (2012) and Michael Jackson (1993).

Groundhog weather report: early Spring!  First time ever groundhog did not see his shadow two years in a row.

Mathieu van der PoelI began the day watching the World Cyclocross Championships and as expected Mathieu Van Der Poel won and won big, wire to wire by over two minutes.  And it wasn't that close.  He is honestly the best rider on a bike at the moment, and I would not be surprised to see him winning more big classics on the road this spring.

His incredible victory in the Amstel Gold race last year was no fluke.

Hmmm: Donald Trump to make 'school choice' a major topic at State of the Union address.  Good, it should be a major topic; our public schools are important but not giving us good value.  Competition is often the answer.

Roger Simon: America's coming three-party system.  Watching the Democratic party recoil to Bernie Sanders' ongoing success in the past week, I was wondering if this might happen.  If he wins in Iowa and New Hampshire - and right now, it sure looks like he will (who would stop him not Biden or Warren) - then he's going to be well on his way to winning a Socialist party nomination.  And Bloomberg will take the rest of the Democratic party and probably some Republicans too.  How interesting.

Oh, yeah, and happy palindrominal day.  02/02/2020.  I almost tried to post at 2:02:02, but I figured that would be redundant.  Some say it's the most palindrominal day ever!  (I link, you decide)


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