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2020 bingo

Sunday,  01/05/20  10:27 PM


From the most excellent VisualCapitalist, 2020 prediction bingo!

Of these, they all seem pretty good, but I think "deepfakes will influence the U.S. Election" is iffy, "United States will see modest economic growth" is possibly wrong (depending on how one defines 'modest'), "the death knell of cookies" is premature, as is "5G will hit the market in noticable ways", and "Global economic slowdown" seems well under way but might be reversed mid year.  We'll see!



think day

Sunday,  01/05/20  11:15 PM

A lazy "think" day for me today - drove [all the way] out to 29 Palms, came back through the mountains, and thought [a few] deep thoughts...

Did you know?  Rodin's iconic The Thinker was actually named The Poet.

I rediscovered something super cool today.  If you want to use someone's Twitter Feed as an RSS feed, simply do this.  There are a lot a blogs and websites which don't have RSS feeds, but which do echo their content (maybe just as a link) to their Twitter feed.  You're welcome. 

Richard Branson (via Twitter->RSS): Why I think writing down New Year's Resolutions helps me stick to them.  YMMV. 

VirtualCapitalist (via Twitter->RSS): Wine around the world.  A great infographic, please click to enbiggen.  This is one of my new favorite feeds, stay tuned for much more from them... 

So apparently Meat Loaf says Greta Thunberg has been brainwashed into thinking climate change is real.  He has predictably been castigated for this; I love Glenn Reynolds' (Instapundit) take: The SJW crowd is going after Meatloaf, but this time I think they've bitten off more than they can chew.  Heh. 

Important work: Kohler puts an Alexa-enabled smart speaker in a showerhead.  Seems like everything is Alexa-enabled, but so far not quite useful.  For example I can't say "Alexa bring me the conditioner from the other shower", which would be most useful.  I guess we need personal robots for that, and they're probably not far off... 

Awesome!  Voyager 2's new messages home illuminate the mysteries of interstellar space.  "Last year, Voyager 2 joined its twin beyond the heliosphere, described by NASA as 'the protective bubble of particles and magnetic fields created by our Sun.'  Today sees the publication of several scientific papers analyzing the data that Voyager 2 has sent back since its crossing."  So cool, and I love the illustration. 



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