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Iditarod day ten: Seaveys hit Nome runs

Wednesday,  03/18/15  03:59 PM

Here's a video of Dallas Seavey cruising to his third #Iditarod victory this morning just after 4AM in Nome.  Four hours later his father Mitch finished second, quite a family dynasty they've got there.  Aaron Burmeister finished third, all by himself, a great result for him and his best ever.  Still on the trail but almost Nome is Jessie Royer, who will finish fourth, and the top five will be rounded out by Aliy Zirkle.  She can take some comfort from the fact that at least she didn't finish second again (which she's done the last three years!)

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Iditarod day ten, cont: Jeff King in the Blowhole

Wednesday,  03/18/15  06:08 PM

Here's an awesome GoPro video of #Iditarod musher Jeff King flying through the "Blowhole" between White Mountain and Safety.  Thirty mile an hour winds are no picnic for a dog team, especially after 1,000 miles on the trail.  Wow.

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