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Le Tour 2014, stage 9: Tony Martin powers to win, as Tony Gallopin moves into yellow

Sunday,  07/13/14  10:04 PM

Tony Gallopin leads a 28 man break to take yellowStage 9 of the 2014 Tour was one of those interesting transition stages; plenty of climbs, but nothing too brutal, and the last coming some considerable way from the finish.  With a harder mountain stage tomorrow and a finish on a climb, and a rest day the day after, the GC contenders were content to take a rest, and Vincenzo Nibali and his Astana teammates were happy to see a break of 28 riders take off.  Tony Gallopin was the highest placed in that group, and ended up in yellow, relieving Astana of any burden tomorrow without conceding any time to the true contenders.

Tony Martin powers to an impressive winMeanwhile Tony Martin basted out early, a man on a mission, and powered to victory; even that huge break could not nail him back.  I just watched him nearly win the Tour de Suisse; boy can he burn the watts.  Just doesn't quite have the power to weight ratio you need to triumph in the mountains.

As noted tomorrow's stage is going to be tough; nine catagorized climbs included four Cat 1s and a finish at the top of the last one.  I predict serious fireworks as Alberto Contador tries to get some time back from Nibali, and Richi Porte, Andrew Talanski, etc will battle it out in a major selection for the overall.  Stay tuned!

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World Cup: Germany triumphs over Argentina, 1-0... (yawn)

Sunday,  07/13/14  10:17 PM

Germany's Mario Goetze scores the games only goal as Germany defeats Argentina in the World Cup finalAnd so the German machine ground out a 1-0 victory in the World Cup final, depriving Argentina (and Lionel Messi) of glory, and depriving us viewers of any interest.  (yawn)  I must tell you a game in which the score is 0-0 after two hours cannot be considered all that interesting, and especially this one.  The final goal by Mario Goetze was artistic, but the rest of the game was not, especially.

And so the World Cup 2014 ends.  Most soccer experts will tell you it was a great world cup, with more goals and more action than previous years; for me, it was fun watching a sport I don't follow, and rooting for the Netherlands (go Oranje!), but the experience has not transformed me into a soccer fan.  I doubt many others were converted either.  Back to the Tour!  Then Baseball.  And then ... Football :)


awesome Cassini

Sunday,  07/13/14  11:31 PM

One of the coolest human projects ever is Cassini, the little satellite that has been dodging in and out of Saturn for ten years now.  It has beamed tens of thousands of high-resolution pictures from Saturn and its 62 (!) moons.  Many of these pictures look like impossible stills from a sci-fi movie; nothing could *really* look like that, right?

Here are some of Cassini's greatest hits:



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