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which pet?

Sunday,  04/27/14  09:09 AM

A handy flowchart to determine which pet is best ... for you:



Sunday,  04/27/14  03:14 PM

Spring!Whew!  Nearly two weeks since I last posted, which tells you everything about how busy I've been, whether it is coding or courting investors or meeting with customers or bike riding or sailing or ... hanging out.  Anyway sorry, here's a few interesting things the Ole filter caught along the way...

what the world looks like from a cockpit (dinghies!)What the world looks like from the cockpit.  Excellent!

Solving the important problems... an algorithm for exiting Burning Man.  Yes.  (I've never been to the Playa, but I want to.)

This seems related to that other important problem, the most efficient way for people to board and exit airplanes.  The current algorithm seems to be among the least efficient...

Yay!  NASA laying foundation for Jupiter Moon space mission.  I knew it.  Cannot wait to visit Titan... :)

the revolutionary Sony WalkmanA look back at the Sony Walkman.  So weird to think it was so revolutionary to be able to bring music with you so easily...  I remember having a Sony which was roughly the size of a cassette tape, which ... played cassette tapes.  It was the coolest thing ever.

TinkerBot carIf you like Legos and robots, you'll like TinkerBots.  (And who doesn't like both?)  Okayyy.

Escape from XP!  I love it.  As John Gruber says, another sign that Microsoft have turned the corner.

Abbott and Costello discuss unemployment.  It would be funnier if it wasn't quite so true.  Right now reporting good numbers trumps helping people find work.

Byte April 1981: Wearable ComputersByte Magazine from April 1981: Wearable Computers.  Man, I used to love Byte.  Good times.  How interesting that the world is almost like we thought it was going to be ... but completely different.

airplane departures LAXComposite image of 8 hours of airplane departures at LAX.  Amazing!  (click through to enbiggen)

Niki Terpstra wins Paris-Roubaix.  Congratulations to the first Dutchman to triumph there in 13 years.  A great victory.

Software engineers think they're amazingly great.  Well, yeah.  Actually what's interesting about this survey isn't that 90% of all startup software engineers think they're the most important people in their company, it's that 10% don't...

Maybe employers should be allowed to use IQ tests.  Um, yeah.  Silly isn't it?  You don't like the answer, so you don't let people ask the question.

how Americans dieMost interesting: Bloomberg: How Americans Die.  Great data and cool presentations of it.  My biggest takeaway was the AIDS success story.  And also the prevalence of suicide as an increasingly prominent cause of death.

Antarctic sea ice growing at an alarming rate.  Global Cooling!  (I know, weather is not climate... but still)

code babes - the worst thing you'll find on the Internet this weekAnd finally ... CodeBabes - the worst thing you'll find on the Internet this week.  Just when you think you've seen it all, you realize "it all" is so much more than you thought.


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